JOY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/13

The song is bring the awareness that their ppl not jus kids that are facing one problem or the other,those on d outside are all smiles and on d inside its a different story.The song is an open eye atleast its different from all the love,sex songs.It tells u there is a problem sooo solve it

my life | Reviewer: mari | 1/26/13

i can relate to this song so much im so different from everyone else and no one understands me i cant take it anymore i always keep my feelings inside and im about to explode! this is my life as a song.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Blue | 1/1/12

Hmm...The beat is great, the lyrics are great, and the voice is amazing. In all, a wonderful song. It is also by an awesome band, so there's a boost. But the best part would be the lyrics because they are so easy to relate to. Like the lyric, "No, you don't know what it's like" describes how no one at my school besides me is actually depressed and they have easy lives because they're all eleven or younger. That's right; I'm a fifth grader. But I've had a tough life, especially recently. I have friends who understand me and like me for who I am, but they just can't relate to me well. But I try to focus on my strong points like my drawing, writing, and sports skills instead of my weaknesses like my weight and social status. I think happy thoughts to avoid getting more depressed. I will hopefully never cut. By the way, please stop saying emo because I hate that word and find it offensive. Thank you. :)

Beautiful | Reviewer: Rock With Me | 8/18/11

I just LOVE this song so much! It's so easy to relate to! My fave part is "Do you wanna be sombody else/Are you desperate to find something more before your life is over." I always feel so weird around everyone I know cause they're so much cooler than me & I wish I could be like that. I want to do more with my life I don't even feel like I have one at times! I'm always bored and desperate to talk to someone who understands but I don't think anyone gets me. Thanks to anyone who read this, you rock

Relate | Reviewer: Tom | 6/13/11

I can relate to this song. When I was 3 my parents were seperated (but not divorced). When I was 5 my mom and dad divorced. I grew up never knowing a father's love. I was also bullied. I am now almost 21 and I I stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves.

hey all who love or can realate 2 this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/10

to all others that love this song man i have had it shit i had a mother n sister that bashed me and made me sleep on a dog rug outside sine i was 9 until i ran from home at fifteen and lived on the streets for 2 years im now 17 and live in a shelter for homless teens and i have realated to this song for years becasuse no one can ever really know what its like to go through these things to all people out there that think they had it bad stop and think yes this part of my life is shit but i have learnt that there is always somone worse off i love this song forever

Relate | Reviewer: 123 | 7/16/10

This is a song where any 1 can relate 2 not just 'emos' ect
Im 13 and well my life sucks cuz i hav only 3 proper friends and in my class abckstabs me and i stat strong and put on a fake smile but @ home i some times cry in my room they pretend that they like me but u can see in there eyes that its just a lie an i have thought about running away and this is all by the age of 13 so yeah if u call outsiders and loners like me emo then yes i am

broken dreams | Reviewer: shokhida | 6/21/10

hi my name is shokida I am from Uzbekistan and I love simple plan's all songs I am mad about.. Especially welcome to my love I learnt it by heart and I always sing it it is very effective I wish a great success to simple plan it is my favourite group I love this group ...

So Anyways | Reviewer: PJ Gonzalez | 1/8/10

I like this song but it doesn't pertain to my entire life. I HAVE had rough years. i HAVE felt like killing myself but I don't see the point in writing songs like these. I mean yay! freedom of expression and all that you know? But songs like these just mess up people even more

What the hell, people? | Reviewer: Sami | 4/26/09

I would like to start out by saying this: I love this song. It's totally awesome, and the lyrics are cool.

There. Now that THAT'S out of the way:
What the freakin' hell?! Seriously, people! Enough of your "dis song sux bollzzzzzz, u all suk be-cuz u lissen 2 dis song. lozerz"!!! I've had enough!
okay, look. If you're gonna dis perfectly good music, for the love of God! Have some freakin' dignity! "this", "you" capitalization, stop overusing letters, and about a thousand other problems with your typing skills. Yes, I'm sorry, but I'm a bit of a grammar-spelling-typing stickler. Deal with it.
Next: Just because you swear like a drunken sailor DOESN'T mean that you made a legit argument, okay? Does that make sense to you four-year-olds? And I'm not talking to the people who say they can relate to the song because they're depressed, emo, cutters, or any number of other reasons. I'm addressing those of you who have decided to waste your--and our--time with posting ill-written comments that are total spam.
Am I making myself perfectly clear?

please listen im begging | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/09

ohkay this is serious i need...must adress an issue that i noticed in the past few days. cutting. im not downing people who cut because i also cut(wait until im done to make fun and laugh at me) i cut because i gave a reason. i once heard that one pain can make you temporarily forget if not get rid of the other. no one specified if a physical could get rid of an emotional. i notuced the talk about cutting and thought about the pain therory. for me cutting works(so does branding but thats a differnt -no its not as mentaly retarted as it sounds-) but please dont cut (or brand) if u dont have a reason to please i feel that if u can fi nd other ways to deal with ure problems then cutting(or branding) is not nesscary sadly i already fell beyond the point of no return but im working on it and yes i do understand where the insperation from this song may have come from well bye i gtg good luck (and please if u have problems with entry may youre opinions be directed at me and not the whole world of "emo"-forgive me if that name is insulting but i admit to being "emo" i mean really why deny what you cant change-)people my opinions do not and may not be the veiw points of all(forgive me)"emos" thank you for spending precious time out of youre life to read my entry^^

Dear Konrad......... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09


"Good beat, bad lyrics. This song is too whiny and emo for any decent listener, and it sounds like some sort of pretentious hymn to sadness and depression, just like all of Simple Plan's songs. And don't start thinking this singer has been saying all that crap sincerely, he just wants to sell his pop albums to the whiny emo teenagers that buy them (target audience), thinking they can relate to this song. Nobody relates to this junk unless they try to."

What The Hell Does That Mean? Are you trying to say song's like this doesn't actually relate to anything? That people don't get some sort of feeling from it unless they "Try To?" Well bad news buddy.. They DO. These lyrics relate to my life perfectly.. And I don't Think.. I KNOW

And What exactly is a "Decent Listener?"

Eh | Reviewer: Konrad | 2/14/09

Good beat, bad lyrics. This song is too whiny and emo for any decent listener, and it sounds like some sort of pretentious hymn to sadness and depression, just like all of Simple Plan's songs. And don't start thinking this singer has been saying all that crap sincerely, he just wants to sell his pop albums to the whiny emo teenagers that buy them (target audience), thinking they can relate to this song. Nobody relates to this junk unless they try to.
Other than that, this song's music is pretty good IMO.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/09

Wow this s such a great song=) I have two things to say. 1) For all those ppl who r saying this song can't relate to u or 'stop crying' and such 'wonderful' things as that, then u need to grow up and face the facts. Cause ppl can relate to this song and do for that's why songs r writen and that's why CD's sell cause ppl relate to the artist or song.
2) I do relaly relate to this song unlike some ppl say because it's possible to have a life like this. I've got no friends, my familes really poor so I have had to work and it was never there unlie some ppl. Also I've been really depressed and stabbed in the back so many tiems I've lost count. I'm an outcast, I'm stuck inside a world I hate and it's awful. I'm so sick of the lies and fake smiles but I just pretend that I'm okay when I'm really bleeding inside. So yes it's possible to relate to this song and I do, but I also know that it's possible for things to change and I'll never give up. I've got dreams and I paln to achieve them. And to everyone out there who can relate to this u r not alone and never ever give up hope, u r fine the way u r.

the best song ever | Reviewer: anonymus | 12/12/08

yeah... i love to sing this song . when i wake up in the morning i have the melody in my mind .... is awesome!!!!i can't say that i'm an outsider but i know this song describes a lot of children that feel lost or breaking down ... is the only song about i can say that describes exactly the feeling of an outsider and i know cause one of my friend felt,in past,lost and hurt.... i must say that simple plan really rulz !!!!