Reality song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

This song describes what most people go through at certain point in their lives when they feel as if they are at their breaking point because of all the negativities, back-stabbing that is going on around them. But yeah, Simple Plan....You do know what it's like! :) This song Rocks!!!! school speech lol i took out names of teachers for student/teacher confidentiality reasons lmao | Reviewer: Gaowy | 5/25/08

The text I have chosen to present to you is the song “welcome to my life” by simple plan. This song deals with personal appeal for the persona presented by the composer. It is trying to show us how it feels to be an outsider and does this by asking us rhetorical questions and comparing his life with ours. The composer structures this song to make the responder appear as the insider and appeals to our emotions to try and make us gain understanding.

This song shows many ideas about the concept of the outsider. Some ideas presented are the feeling of loneliness and not belonging. These ideas are shown throughout the song through its verses and chorus. The structure of the song supports these ideas with the use of three distinct verses which vary in content and the chorus to reinforce these ideas of the outsider. The first two verses ask questions whereas the third verse is a comparison of the composer to the listener.

In the first verse the author asks us about our feelings to show what and how he feels with lines such as “do you ever feel like breaking down?” and “do you ever feel out of place?” these rhetorical questions although do not directly show us that the composer is experiencing these feelings but we know he is because he uses the chorus to state that this is how he feels with repeated lines such as “you don’t know what its like to be like me” and “welcome to my life”

In the second verse ideas of “not belonging” are shown by the composer writing about how he doesn’t fit in and how perceives how others treat him with lines such as “do you wanna be somebody else?” and “with their big fake smiles and stupid lies” the composer also uses strong emotive language in this verse with the metaphorical line “while deep inside your bleeding” to convey these ideas. Again the composer does directly show that this is what he’s feeling in this verse but uses the chorus to show the responders instead with the same lines.

In the third verse the composer the techniques used are different and as he does not use questions anymore. In this verse the author somewhat describes whoever hears it as alienated or ignorant from the pains of life. With the words "No one ever lied straight to your face and no one ever stabbed you in the back” this is strong emotive languages that really engages the listener.

My original understanding of the outsider was that an outsider is a person or group who does not belong or is unfamiliar or excluded. This text has broadened my understanding greatly. It has shown me that the outsider does not just exist in a physical term but also in an emotional way too.

Nice | Reviewer: Adzzie | 5/22/08

Good song i love singing it.
Its really Rock so does Simple Plan.

But guys seriously guys u had a few bad days, so just pull yourself out of it and stop crying and look for the next day life. No one wants to read that your crying and saying it relates to you(lmao Gaara hes an anime idiot hes meant to be like that)

Amazing! | Reviewer: Oktober Laine | 4/20/08

This song is truely amazing. It describes me in a way that no other song has ever come close to. I thank you, Simple Plan, for making such a great song that I can relate to in this way. This is the song of my life.

good song but | Reviewer: critical thinking | 2/18/08

i love this song because i can relate to it. but the fact is, the author in the song somewhat describes whoever hears it as alienated or ignorant from the pains of life. i mean, if we can all relate to it how come the author tells everyone that, "hey welcome to my life, you don't know how it's like, you know nothing about what im going through". it's ironic and contradicting in a sense. maybe it's called oxymoron.

how true... | Reviewer: Tiffany | 1/11/08

yesterday this song was running through my head and i couldn't help it... i had a hard day and that calmed me down... thanks to you simple plan...

Funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/08

This song is sooooo me, letter for letter, instead of crying at how pitiful it is, I started laughing. (I honestly think my insanity is keeping me sane through all this hell...that made no sense but oh well!) lol

hey | Reviewer: yoo | 12/13/07

yeah i know, everyone! there are actually a lot of peple being hurt and pushed around a lot and im happy that all of us share the same behaviour... :)

sick | Reviewer: travis messer | 11/5/07

i know most people say oh i can relate to that and they don't know what this song the only 2 that can truly relate are gaara and me

wohooooo | Reviewer: samantha | 10/21/07

omfg, i hurd this band the other week with(shut up)so i downloaded sum of their stuff and and,, there my fav band i absolutaly luv this track iv listend to it iver and over and over again

love it | Reviewer: zoey | 10/4/07

love this song,i can totally relate!hey,check my youtube!! its CaseyAmber1! that will totaly prove i love it!!!

sigh | Reviewer: feenoy | 9/20/07

this song totally rocks!!..
it really really describes me..
am so sad..yeah..and I think that this song fits me..."to be feel feel like you've been pushed around.."

ommmgggg | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 9/18/07

i just heard this song like last week
and i feel in love with it
i have it on myspace and i listen to it atleast
10 times a day lol.
thanks for writtin it guys
it total discribes me

its a good song... | Reviewer: Lola | 8/21/07

To anyone who has ever had 2 live their life this way, u feel like u can really relate, i know i can. The part about big fake smiles, all 2 true, no1 really knows. But things have gotten better 4 me so thats good.

wow | Reviewer: broken | 8/12/07

unfortunently, this song describes my life. just about all of it happens to me regularly and it's like i wrote this song myself. i luv you guys, you are my savoirs!