Life was like that... | Reviewer: Escaped | 8/9/07

wen i first heard this song,
i actually did cry...
my life was sort of like that before, not with my family but with school...
now, ever sicne i moved and changed school~
life's much better

so to other ppl who had suffered through the same kind of thing:
dont give up!
don't go and shoot ppl up since u r not the only one who had been through this sh**,there are other ppl who r like u!

:) | Reviewer: xxxx | 8/7/07

uh god .....i don't dare to say anything about simple plan " they rock " but about the lyric it's pretty cool

i love u guys! | Reviewer: sharon | 7/26/07

i love u guys!!! u guys make my life, if i didnt know this song i would be dead!!!!!!!!
i wish i can just meet u one day, and this song just describes me!!!!!!

Simple Plan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/07

The lyrics relates what i feel sometimes..but datz bullshit, i mean...WHO THE FUCK U THINK U R? i dont think u had to work to pay ur studies, or smt like dat...ur just a "bad boy" whos trying to tell to the world that ur ass has been kicked while u was fallin i dont lik dis kind of ppl who thinks THEY KNO EVERYTHIN...u dont kno nuthin man

WOW | Reviewer: DAVE | 7/4/07

i love this song, im 15 n all my life ive felt the same as the lyrics, i cant w8 2 buy there new album, its a song you can never get bored of, its my fave song.

It safe my Life | Reviewer: Fasa | 6/13/07

I LovE tHis soNg..
It aLwaYs be mY frIenD aLL tHe daY..
It caLm me DowN..
feeLs Like tHerE is SomEoNe accOmpanY mE..
Know Me..
Perfect !

Whoah.... | Reviewer: Haziq | 6/3/07

i feel like im in the song..........................................whoah..........................i love it....

luv it | Reviewer: michelle | 6/1/07

this is one of my fav songs by simple plan!! it explanes me perfectly. thats probally why i like it wo much, i can relate to it. well thanks simple plan for whiting this song!!!!!

like it. | Reviewer: anna | 6/2/07

I really love this song.. And yes, I do know what it's like. I feel like that everyday and nobody knows.. I can really relate to it.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Jock Hater | 5/29/07

I love this song because I can relate to it so well. I've been through a lot of hell lately and I've done most of the stuff in the song (especially the locked in the room with the radio part). I'm just glad that I'm not the only one that has this problem, cuz it sux big hairy balls.

I love this song | Reviewer: Night Stalker | 5/29/07

You have no clue how much this applies to my life. I have been through so much hell lately I actually have locked myself in my room and turned the radio up so loud no one would hear me screaming. I hate this life, and if you aren't depressed with all the crap that's going on in the world today, you're messed up, and I don't care what you say. Simple Plan captures the whole vibe of the world today, and I agree with every aspect in this song. I can't wait to get out of here.

thank you | Reviewer: | 5/22/07

This song is the only thing that got me through one of the toughest times in my life...when my stepdad was beating me and i didnt think i was going to make i heard this song and i could relate to it and it helped me alot...even though i was still being beat i would go listen to this song and somehow it made things better.

uhhhh | Reviewer: courtney | 4/23/07

i think everyone has felt what this song describes

this song remids me to me!! | Reviewer: | 2/12/07

like every thing on this song goes to my life,I feel like saying this to everyone in the whole United States!!!!!

IT ROCKS | Reviewer: jarad | 1/13/07

the band is like relating to so much people and it rocks.I love the song and it makes you feel so damn good.