nice song and band!!! | Reviewer: Jacob B. | 9/13/06

it a very nice song I like it..

Its very cool:

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked
When you’re down
To feel like you’ve been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one’s there to save you
No you don’t know what it’s like

I have see the musik video it very cool too u can hear the song and see the musik video on:


Yep that's true | Reviewer: Sophia | 2/8/06

I love this song it's really kool and it's like they are reading my mind i get bullied every day because of the way i look and i ahve no friends know and nobody talks me anyway i'm sure you don't want to know my life story anyway kool song.

Loooove it! | Reviewer: Erin | 1/23/06

I love this song and Simple Plan discribs my life so well everytime I hear their voices. SIMPLE PLAN ROX MY SOX!

Wicked Song | Reviewer: Simple Plan Fans | 11/30/05

Ever since my friend introduce me to Simple Plan, I just keep listening to it whole day. I mean, Simple Plan is like able to read my mind! All thier songs are related to me! And yes of course, This song is one the best I've ever heard. A very good job Simple Plan! I'm waiting for your new album.

What's the point of a title? | Reviewer: Mikaela | 9/8/05

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Although, I don't really like Simple Plan... well, I respect them an' all... ANYWAY I love this song anyhow. Love it. Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it. And, one more thing...


Great | Reviewer: masteryodaonline | 8/20/05

This Song DEscribes me, like that the Simple Plam Are Reading my minds.

i luv this song | Reviewer: candee | 8/11/05

this has been my fav. song all along! it's the best, the words mean so much!!! i luv pierre! he's so hott!!!!

no, this song fuxxin suxx0rs!!11 | Reviewer: jEnNy!! | 7/18/05

I lissened to it once. and it sux!!1 i meen lol what a poosy sux it up woos!!!1 vjsut kidding this song rox. i can reltate to his pain like all da time in fact the other day i was out in the park and i heard tne song on the radio and ui turned it up lowder so every1 knoew i luv SP!!!

ROX ON!!!!!!!

hihi | Reviewer: Rayven | 5/21/05

I LOVE THIS SONG~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PIERRE BOUVIE is my fav. I have 10 brothers and sisters and they think they can tell what to do n who I should b!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I LOVE U PIERRE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hell yea! | Reviewer: babygirl | 5/14/05

I think the same as most people - that this song rocks ... whenever I become really angry or want to cry this song always seems to do something for me. especially the bit about deep inside your bleeding and no one hears you screaming - this song means a lot to me in any mood!

About my Life | Reviewer: Tina | 5/3/05

OMG! i love this song very much. I have 3 favourite songs. Those songs are about my life. This is one of them. Sometimes i feel so bad about my life so when i listen to this song i feel much better. Thank u so much SP...From Tina.

Life Theme Song | Reviewer: Mya | 12/29/04

This song is like made for me or something. I call it my life theme song because it's me. The song is me. And I love the way the beat it. The song is awsome, what else can I say about it?! Keep it up Simple Plan!!

i love it | Reviewer: heather | 12/3/04

i love this song so much me and my friends always plays it, i just cant believe it is my most favorite song and it is done by my favorite bad...SIMPLE PLAN!

dont cry danny boy... | Reviewer: dennis goldberg | 12/2/04

now now danny boy, you've taken my critique awfully personal haven't you? put down your kleenex from wiping away those tears son, and keep that chin up tiger. i was just merely pointing out a cold hard fact - this song, and this band, are a sorry excuse for music.
and with that nasty language, do you blow your father with that mouth?
now go & lock yourself in your room and 'scream' some more Danny my friend. see where it gets you...

dennis goldberg | Reviewer: dan.p | 11/24/04

hey there dennie goldberg.kindly shut the fuck up.u dont know what you're stepping into.SP is one great band.if you can ever sing like them,write songs like that or jus even beat a lil drum like them,go ahead and criticise.but then again,i dont fuckin' think you know how.and pls,this song can almost relate to everyone out there except you this lucky bastard who doesnt have to suffer any shut up and listen to your fuckin classics.