i love simple plan | Reviewer: jessie23 | 5/20/07

simple plan is the best band eva!!!:)
vacation is the best song eva!!!!!!:)
thx for the lyrics! now i no the song off bye heart!!!!

♥♥♥♥ | Reviewer: Roxanne | 5/2/07

I just love that song! Downloaded it for free on the internet, because I love it so much. Thanks to the New York Minute and Simple Plan :)

TOTALLY!!! | Reviewer: Alicia Sharp | 4/18/07

This song is KICK ASS!!! totally...

so really cool | Reviewer: bianca | 2/21/07

i love it...this song is great!! I hrd it on new york minute the mary kate and ashley olsen movie!!! the movie is really nice too!!

LOVE!!! | Reviewer: SBSC | 2/22/07

i heard this song on New York Minute. its the first song i've heard from simple plan and ever since i've loved it. keep it up guys! you rock!

vacation -- way cool, man | Reviewer: Violet | 2/12/07

okay, first i have to say to all you american idiots: whomever uses the most ridiculous grammar like "dis" instead of this and "ma" instead of my, you are so inferior. just speak properly, or you'll never get anywhere in life.
anyway, i never saw the pointless movie, but my friend gave me this song, and it's one of those songs you can not get out of your head for days. and at least, it's a wicked brilliant song. it's one of my favourite songs, definately.

love it!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/07

omg i love this song
its stuck in my head
i loce it i heard it in new york minute and i love the song and movie!!

mint or what | Reviewer: stacie | 11/23/06

This song is soooooooooooooo kwl n i lv it

Vacation rox | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/06

this is a bloody brilliant song you cant stop sining it its just in your head all the time so if your thinking of buying the album buy it.

vacation SIMPLY rox | Reviewer: laura | 4/17/06

me and my friend heard it in new york minyte ever since we've been singing it in class!!!