Luv this song! | Reviewer: Orla The Great x! | 8/8/09

l ran to my friends laptop and got the Lyrics straight after hearing it for the first time (Like 1O Minuets ago while watchingNewYork Minuet) l love this song l'm gonna go download it
xxx Orla the great!!!?:xx

vacation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/08

i'd like to dedicate this song to a girl that's obsessed with my boyfriend lol.
Everytime I hear this song I have to laugh, it's really good thanks to you Simple Plan rather than worrying, I laugh at her. ;)
please keep on making more songs you guys are greattt

Simple plan | Reviewer: meeshi | 7/28/07

your band rock i love listening to simple plan I have every single song you have ever sung
ROK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR #1

oh wow. :) | Reviewer: Ali | 7/26/07

this song is amazingly awesome. its the best everrrr! after i heard it on New York Minute, i looked up the lyrics and learned it. like some others, i agree that it makes you feel... free from everything! its just great. =D you guys are wonderful.

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: vjosa | 7/26/07

i loved tha song and the movie too
but the song is aswome..i love simple plan!!

rockers | Reviewer: yousef greenfakeman | 7/2/07

first i thought they suck now they rock
keep up the good work.

IF I MET SIMPLE PLAN | Reviewer: Jess | 6/25/07

You Play the BEST songs EVER. I APPSULUTLY LOVE Vaction It is My Fav. If i ever in my whole intire life meet you awsome guys i would stick to you like when your tongue sticks to a ice block when it is wet. I would Cry because of the joy even if i got to poke you i would faint! I Play Electric guitar and rock as hard as i can for you guys and i just hope to get a sneak peak at the bands electrics 1 day. You are Gawjuz on New York Minute it is the best part of the movie when you's play i only watch it so i can see you's peforme and the first time i saw i replayed that bit 17 times love you so much xoxoxo :)

FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: SHANTEL | 6/3/07

i heard diz song 4 da frst tym on da movie new york minute n i was like how come i luv SP n dont kno abt diz song?diz is one hell of an amazing song n i guess every1 who listens to it will give it a hi5

superr sa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

simple plan sa 4udesna grupa ! mnogo gi obi4am i uvajavam ! strahotni pesni imat ! {:P}

I love simple Plan | Reviewer: Jessie | 5/20/07

I love u Simple plan and thx for the lyrics now i no the song off bye heart.
and i love the movie(New York Minute)
VACATION is my favorite song.