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Performed by Simple Plan

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the best song eva!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/05

omg! i love this song it is the best song EVER! everytime i hear this song i just sing and sing...gosh. i love it!!! simple plan keep it up! luv ya kay!

simple plan rok | Reviewer: belinda | 6/30/05

this is one of your best songs although shutup is the best but point is you guys rock for ever keep gettin new songs cause i couldn't liv wit out ya and pierre is HOT!!

lozza | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/05

it really touched me seeing im going through a hard time at the moment!
it left me crying!
its an excellent and heart felt song

untitled | Reviewer: sebastian | 6/18/05

this is a very good & sad song

the band lost friend because he was driving in his car, but he was drunk so he died

u guys rok and so does youe song love ya | Reviewer: sandy | 6/15/05

i love your new song guys im listnen 2 it as i write and every other time im on the pc u guys ROK i hav a milion posters of uses in my room.

i hope u make more and more songs so that i hav one 2 listene 2 for wen im sad and wen im happy or mad.i always will love u guys

i think u r so hot pier and u guys are all right to

i love u all and i always will

lots of love sandy

OmG iTs ThE bEsT sOnG eVa!! | Reviewer: Amz | 6/15/05

Omfg its the bestest most sadest song eva weneva i here it i get tears in mi eyes it expresses how i feel wen im sad, alone, wateva i luv ity sooo much!! i luv u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Simple Plan!! Luv Amz

i love simple plan soooo much | Reviewer: ivy charmae {aka cornelia} | 6/9/05

this song express who i really am when im down

its good but not | Reviewer: sarah | 5/31/05

the first time i heard this song i really liked it. then once i heard the words to it i realized that its about me and now evertime i hear it i cry!

OMF | Reviewer: kat | 5/26/05

i love this song soo much. its so awesome. good song to listen to when im depressed. it helps me through things unspeakable.

Luv u Simple :> | Reviewer: Lindsay | 5/23/05

This song is awesome I Luv it it's very deep I never thought that Simple Plan was capable of writing a song so deep but now I know they are capable of anything that's why I luv them so much especially Pierre, he is so HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!! I Luv you Simple Plan your the best keep rockin'!!!!!! Luv u Lindsay:>

EXCELLENT | Reviewer: Nate | 5/14/05

I was very moved by this song... I am impressed that Simple Plan could come out with such a deep song. It is SO much different from anything else they have done! It rocks! I would definitely give it a 5 out of 5 any day. It really mad me think of all the bad decisions that I have made and how they REALLY effect other people... and you really dont know that until it is too late.

AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: mike | 5/13/05

Simple plan is awesome! All their songs can relate to me in some way.
this song is definently the best though. my friend told me about it
and ever since then ive like them.

untitled | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/05

when I first heard this song om the radio I can't belive my ears!!! they totally rock .I ask my friends about it and they seem to be more interested in simple plan. They are awsm.......

i luv SP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/05

simple plan is my favorite group and their lyrics relate to me plus pierre is sooooo hott simple plan rocks

Untitled:by Simple Plan Review | Reviewer: Walter | 4/29/05

This song Rocks!
It's Simple Plans Best Song Ever Made!
I am Simple Plan's #1 Fan and If they were here rite now I would tell them all about how awesome this song is!
Keep on Rokin!
Simple Plan Rules!
I give it a 100 out of5!

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