love simple plan | Reviewer: ana | 11/19/2008

i love simple plan is my favorite band ever.... this song is soooo good... it was recorded for the daddys take care sndtrck and it also appears in the fntastic 4 you can also download the original version of the song by zebrahead(wich is one of pierre's fav bands) the lyrics are not the same as the sp one

could someone answer me? | Reviewer: lara | 8/14/2007

i'd like to know what was that song (surrender) recorded for.
i know that was a reason
love sp 4ever

Very good song but... | Reviewer: Tom | 4/9/2007

There is to much mommys all right daddys all right something beter then tath over all i give it a

4 out of 5

Surrender | Reviewer: Alicia | 5/10/2006

This song rox!!! I love it!! Its a great cover!!