This reminds me of the family dog | Reviewer: welcometomylife | 9/26/12

I see that alot of people on here are saying this song reminds them of friends/family members, but this reminds me of the family dog she's going through breast cancer right now & as usual simple plan has expressed all of my emotions in a song. I know it seems silly to some people that I'd be so sad about our dog being sick but she's been with us for 7 years & I love her; she's family to us plus I have a very big place in my heart for animals. Anyway I love this song, & SP. Thanks 2 whoever reads this<3

The pain in My best friend. | Reviewer: Sujana | 6/9/12

Everytime I hear this song I always remmember to my best friend. When he was hurt and felt the worst pain, I could do nothing.. Until now he is still looked frown..
But I don't know what can I do for him, because he just keep silent.
I wish I could find way to make him smile again.. (SANGEH BOOYS)

My best friend's pain | Reviewer: Sujana | 6/9/12

Every time if I hear this song, I always remmember to my best friend.., and I always feel that I have fault to him because I can't help him when he was hurt.. He felt the worst pain in his life but I can do nothing for him...
I wish I could find way to make him smile again....
I want he know that I'll always stand by for him...(SANGEH BOYS)

I Love This Song | Reviewer: Bri | 1/4/11

This song means so much to me. My grandpa's gone through a lot of health problems throughout my life and when I was 14 we almost lost him. Same thing about 2 years ago, he got very sick and almost died. It was the worst feeling in the world, to watch someone you love suffer and not be able to help them. When I first heard what the song was about I was like "that's really sweet of Pierre" and the first time I heard this song I just fell in love with it. I've been listening to Simple Plan since they first came out and love them. Thanks, Pierre, for helping me say what I couldn't say.

[save me] | Reviewer: jannie | 7/29/09

this song means a lot to me.. my friend died because of cancer. since the day she found out she has it, i didn't visited her. i was scared of talking with her, holding her hand and telling "it all will be fine someday", i was scared of even seeing her. i knew she felt rejected and alone, now i wish i could go back. i couldn't save her but at least i'd try to make her feel better and put smile on her face. but it's to late..

beautiful song with a great meaning!! | Reviewer: Jessicah | 7/24/09

I love this song & Pierre wrote this song 'cause of his brother is battling cancer. Pierre is trying to say that he wants to help him & make him feel better. I hope Pierre's brother gets better!
SP is a great band!

Awesom | Reviewer: inot dilaga | 3/23/09

Well, i heard thiz song yerterday, it was b-Cause my cousin. when i first heard it, i am started fallin in love with thiz song! because it reminds me bout my boyfriend, honestly my husband 2b! his love has save me from another stupid love. hahahaha. gbu simple plan

My best friend. | Reviewer: Destiny | 1/13/09

Hmm, when I first heard this song it was because of my BEST friend. I was anorexic at the time and he told me to listen to it, and i asked him why. He didn't answer me as to why, just a simple, LISTEN TO IT! So I did. Turns out he always wanted to save me. So then, I turned my life around, for him. He means the world to me. I have loved him for a year. Not "puppy-love" either. I don't know what to do though. But that's okay. I am safe now, all thanks to him. I LOVE YOU! ♥ :)

Ally | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/08

This is a nice song. Althought I hate how they always sing about girls.

If you think thats bad 'SP for life', I was going to go to their concert (and i live in adelaide, aus) , well i was going to go to their concert, BUT THEY DECIDED TO SKIP US!! and go everywhere else in Australia.
How is that??

Simple Plan- Save You | Reviewer: Lorna | 2/16/08

First time i heard this and i have to say, its a great maturity from the first album to this. It still holds Simple Plans emotional lyrics and sound and thats what i love most about this song.
It has to be one of the best on the new album by what i've heard

SP for life<3 =) | Reviewer: julia | 2/14/08

I just love Simple Plan<3 I've been waiting for the new album, and finaly it's here :) ofcourse I'm goingt to buy it!!
Me and my friends were going to one of their's conserts, in Stockholm, and my friend looked the day after the consert all ready has been :( fuckd up ore what? we allways wanted to go one one of the conserts. Two of my friends is going to " Tokio Hotel " they are good, but not so good that I would go on one of their's conserts..