SIMPLE PLAN my favorite band | Reviewer: Bud'z | 10/23/08

My name is Budi Feriyanto but u can call me budz. I'm you're indonesian fans.
Maybe i'm just 1 of million fans that loved you,but i just wanna say THANK YOU for you're songs that completed my life.
You're songs is very amazing.
To Pierre,Chuck,Jeff,Dave and Seb..
"you're songs are very nice.. I'd like all of you're songs.. I hope you can make new album.. "

Simple Plan | Reviewer: Abbey | 7/22/08

Simple Plan has five members that come from different walks of life, bringing a wealth of colour, culture, a new aspect of life. This comes through their music expression and emotions, in fact they are artists, painting a musical landscape, their brushes are their instruments, the easel is the stage, which they perform on, their palette holding the basic pigments, the paints are experiences of others, the canvass represents their audience. Simple Plan had a unique musical style. Unfortunately as often happens in this commerce-based world, survival depends not on dedication but on what is (fashionable) according to the powers to be, in this case the recording companies. The music has changed in a way but their values haven’t altered, giving me the stability I craved as a child. Simple Plan have inspired me in my art and how simple plan has helped me through the hard times in my life. Most of their songs I’ve lived through well basic been there done that type of thing and helped to reach out to others through their music and to encourage my friends to make wise choices of what they listen to, everyone is open to change of heart/attitude/behaviour/lifestyle habits.

your the best | Reviewer: melissa | 7/13/08

hey guys you are the BEST BAND EVER YOU ROCK!
you just make me smile when you sing a song are you ganna make lots of more songs?my favorite songs are i`m just a kid,grow up,vacation,crazy,and shut up you are just so famose to my i am your number 1 FAN LOVE YA

simple plan the great -u rox man | Reviewer: Sujit Gurung | 7/1/08

Hi, "I'm just a kid(boy) " name sujit gurung from Nepal
I wana tell something.I have heard so many songs but hadn't found the song like this.
"I do anything just" to be "crazy" in this "perfect world" .Simple plan is the only "one" "who mean every thing to me" ."I'm addicted to" your "generation"."I'm totally "untitled" as I "grow up" being ur fan.Iwana "thank you" for the "jump" that u provided in my life so I can be "perfect"."but "god must hate me" csz i haven't been your member.ur songs say "shut up" to every one.But "What if"you said,"when I'm gone"."don't worry" "one day" "I'll meet you there" so we can be "happy together" in "vacation" somewhere ."promise" every fan u'ld say,"take my hand" and "hold hard" until "the end" .At last ur always "welcome to my life".

OMFG! Love Them. <3 | Reviewer: xx.// Lovey //.xx | 5/28/08

When I first heard bout them I WAS IN LOVE! Then they kinda faded while working on their other album. But when they came back with their first video <When I'm Gone> it was like!! YESSS!AHHHHHHHHHH!..Whoo. I was kinda over them. But then I search them on you tube. Which is when my obsession went balistic (<--ermm.?is that how you spell IT!) Anyways, they have 89 videos (yes know it off by heart) and they are so hilarious! I watched every single video! I love Pierre and David bestest. There so cute. Well, I could just go on and on! But imma marry one so. HA! They MUST come to Kingston, Ontario. Although were a pretty small town. They'd be like the 5th to actually play in our new stadium thingy. Also, Imma get floor seats and arrive like 9 hours early to get the front. LOVE IT! LOVE THEM!

hiya | Reviewer: jayjay | 3/4/08

simple plan most be the best band ever since i heard all the songs simple plan sang i came addicted to them cause im always playing ur songs on the bus and at secondry people are getting anoid with me whoops!!! im ur number 1 fan xx

sp pinoy lover.. | Reviewer: kutitot | 2/24/08 pinoy..and i really admire simple plan..well..before when i was about mybe below 12 years old..i already heard about this band..and their song perfect..and i love the days go by,i heard other songs that makes me wana jump..i love those songs..then finally..i researched them..then..i was so shock that all those songs are sung by simple from that day..i got madly,deeply inlove with this was like destiny;)hehe..hope u like it...kutitot

simple plan? | Reviewer: xxDareDeviLxx | 2/4/08

haha lol jk.. i have been into this band ever sine i was 13 something and until now.. well yeah.... pierre is kinda hot, no i mea n BURNING HOT.. and simple plan write their own songs too,and it all reflects the ifestye of the teens,een though they're in their mid 20s (ahem).. well... dnt forget to listen to rtheir latest single your love is a lie... and buy their new album..


i love simple plan sooo much and my friends and family think im nuts beacause im soooooooooooooooooo obsessed!!!!!! Ithink pierre is the hottest guy on the entire earth and im going to marry him and if any one thinks there going to gett my man their gonna have to mess with me and im chubby as hell(lol i toled u im nuts)I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN CANT WAIT TILL UR NEW SINGLE COMES OUT!!!

you are the best band ever | Reviewer: i love sp | 1/12/08

Omg i love simple plan they are the best they help we solve my problems and give me confidence just from listening to a song they are an inspiration and i love them more than anything they are one of the most important things in my live LOVE YOU SP xoxo your #1 fan ever
PS you guys were great in concert when you came to Vancouver and when you waved at me I like fainted

cool | Reviewer: Jena | 1/13/08

ya i guess you guys are cool i only came on here so i could like do a project on canadian band. so i just picked you butttt, i really like your 2 songs Welcome to my life && Im Just A Kid!!
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥....Why Is Charles name Chuck?

Me !!! from Ukhrul, Manipur, INDIA | Reviewer: Thingshung | 1/11/08

Hi, I'm Thingshung.
Simple plan is simply the best!!!! I simply love it coz it's one of my bros fave. My bro listens to all your albums, he jumps and sing along as you guys does. That makes me admire your band the more. All your tracks energies the youth of today. You guy's ROCKkkk even in the obscure village called UKHRUL. Keep going guy's and all the best!!! LOVE YOU ALL.............

omg i luv u guys!!! | Reviewer: ~ elly ~ | 1/9/08

omg i luv u guys sooooooo much!!! u r by far my fave band!!! all the walls in my room r coverd in ur posters and my mum, dad and sister think im crazy coz im soooooooo obsessed wiv u!!! omg i luv pierre and david sooooooooooooo much! my life long dream/goal is 2 go to 1 ov ur concerts, get ur autograph, actually see u in real life and 2 give pierre and david a lil kiss! omg i luv u guys soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! my fave song that u sing is... ummmmmmmmmmm well i dun hav a fave coz evry song that u sing is my fave!!! well i gess i luv im just a kid, id do anything, one, jump, perfect, promise, perfect world, shut up... and yer i LUV all ov ur songs!!!!!!!!!!! k bi bi!!! luv u guys!

sitti.m cinta sp | Reviewer: sitti munirah | 1/3/08

simple plan is the best among the best..their songs is about people and they seem like understand my feeling. it's good you know.. i luv you simple plan, forever..

<3 | Reviewer: Samantha | 11/28/07

i love simple plan, they help people solve there dificultys, they arnt like usual bands, most bands sing about..Love and things like THEM SELFS

well i really love simple plan <3 Byeee-xox