you're all dumbasses | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/06

if you think their songs describe all of your emotions, or if they are hot just because they're famous, i tell you to look deeper than that. thier name even describes their music: simple-minded. simply put, get a life and start thinking for yourself. and before you tell me to get a life, look for the originality in your own "life". you're being influenced by the world around you, not the other way 'round. if that's what it means in your eyes to have a life, i don't want one. but i would say learn to spell, wake up to your own conditional idiocy, and look for a deeper avenue of self-descrption. by conditional idiocy, i mean the concious or unconcious ignorance of deeper meaning in favor of a simple, inaccurate facade. perhaps many people are fans of bands like this because it is a case of ignorance, of never having heard somehting better, or being unable to form similar simple descriptions. if that is the case for you, you have my sympathy. before you say that there can be nothing better, remember history's lessons: swing was pushed out by elvis-era rock and roll, which was in turn pushed out by psychedelia, disco, then proto-metal and folk-rock, then glam, soon thrash metal, later grunge, and now emo, and indie is on the horizon. bear in mind that these were all charted as "pop" in their eras. if you believe that the "pop" genre is the best, then you inadvertantly include all of the bands from those eras. also, by saying that there can be nothing better, you deny the natural flow of musical evolution. by popular definition, there will always be something better. no matter what the fisherman catches, there is always a bigger fish. perhaps inyour own mind there will be nothing better, but don't flame people who do not share your opinion in an attempt to change them. nobody but you can change what you believe, so don't take the fact that other people like other, "better" (in their eyes) bands as a threat to your simple plan's supremacy in your own mind. of course, if the only way that you can logically continue to grip that belief is through purposeful ignrance, it is better to let logic take its course and not fight it by complaining.

simple plan = worst band ever!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/06

This band is complete shite! I rarely if ever use exclamation points but I feel it is necessary here. Conan O'brien's show cursed me with a song by simple plan they used in a comedy bit and I hate it so much I had to find out who did it. anyway they suck!!

scotland | Reviewer: sam parkins | 2/20/06

i was at a concert recently in scotland and they absolutely rocked the place the whole building was jumping. i didnt really know much about them b4 the gig but now i absolutely love them they r defonetily one of the best bands eva and the totally rock live. my favourite songs must b perfect, untitled, shut up, and welcome to my life. they also did copys of h to the izzo by jay z and drop it like its hot by snoop dog and they rocked at them aswell. they defo know how to get a crowd going. love u guys

SIMPLE PLAN...OR IS IT? | Reviewer: Lena | 2/18/06

I absolutely love SIMPLE PLAN! These are some of me favourite lyrics!

I'm a 34 year old man
My dad grounded me
Now i am singing about it
No one understands!
My mom took away my candy
I am sad!
Life is unfair!
I somehow manage to sell records
To people who complain just like me
Welcome to my life!
Shut up!
I'm a punk!
You can't control me!
Did I mention no one understands?
I'm misunderstood
Misunderstood is what i am

Now, if you're wondering what this song is called, it is "I am a 34 year old "skater" who can't get a job and is still upset over my own pot-smoking, crack-sniffing childhood...just kidding, i grew up in upper-middle class suburbia." Appropriate, don't you think? I have an idea. Simple plan can always drink some bleach and end it all. LOVE YA LOTS!

I love Simple Plan | Reviewer: Kimmy | 2/3/06

I love Simple Plan they fuckin rock they write great songs.I love pierre he's sooo hott.

I LUV U SO MUCH! | Reviewer: Lily | 1/5/06

Bounjour Simple Plan, Pierre, Chuck, Jeff, Sebastian and David
I think that you have the best songs they really have meaning. You really blew me away at ur Toronto Ontario concert on December 8 2005. I luv u so much! U are my fav band I luv ur sound and I have the new MTV Rock CD and I luv the sound for the last song crazy (acustic guitar)!!!


SImple Plan! | Reviewer: PiNkyGurl | 12/22/05

Okay, we gonna say something right now... if you dont like them, you just have to dont listen at them, because they dont give a f*ck of you.
The guys of simple plan are very nice and talented, I respect people who hate them, but not those who are just obsessed with simple plan lovers.
I dont give a sh*t about what you think of them, or what you will say.
I love them and it will stay like that!So just shut your f*ckin mouth, please!!! You guys need somethin to do in your life...thats it for you, thanks!
Simple Plan are soo good in show and they are very nice, and sooo funny! =)
I love ya!!! xxxx

SebLuvr | Reviewer: SebLuvr | 11/15/05

OMG, Simple Plan are the best band EVER! and Seb is just, simply the hottest. i love Seb, i love Simple Plan!

I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN | Reviewer: Aiste | 11/4/05

They are great and don't dare to say, that Pierre's voice is terrible!!!!! It's brilliant and I love Simple Plan. They will be in my heart forever...:)

THEY R THE BEST EVA!!!!! | Reviewer: katharine | 9/16/05

Smple plan r the best band eva! to every1 who thinks they suk, u either need 2 get a life or just admitt that ur gay coz only gay people h8 simple plan

yo simple plan hater | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/05

yeah ur write you should fucking get a life then fuking bag out simple plan. I am not a big fan of simple plan either but seriously dude u should shut ya fukin gob. And find your own fukin talent. Or is your bagging ur own talent. good bye!

Something wrong with u all!!!!! | Reviewer: Penelope | 8/18/05

I HATE YOU SIMPLE PLAN LOVERS!!! actually tts not quite true, alot of my friends love tha band but to tell you the truth i think they stink like the shit they are. for one, the lead singer, who eva he is i dont giv a fuck, cannot sing. if you gave him nose plugs he wouldnt be able to let out one note!!! the music may be good, and the lyrics relatable, but if something sounds horrible why listen to it, and his voice sounds terrible. he sounds like he's winging, now with all these stupid simple plan sound alikes i have not much music to listen too. and for anyone who thinks this shit is rock you are absoloutly deluded. this band is pussy shit. please feel free to send me an email and tell me i need to get a life and that i dont noe what good music is coz i DONT GIVE A FUCK!!! i do noe what good music is, it's u cunts that have hearing problems.
P.S i hate simple plan if u didnt already noe

They kickass | Reviewer: Ue | 8/8/05

SIMPLE PLAN SIMPLY KICK ASS so if ur a britney or a fukin D12 luver, stop dissin them n diss the artists u listen 2

Simple Plan rocks | Reviewer: Annie | 8/3/05

OK first off. I dont give a flying fuck if its punk or not! To tell you the truth I like The Back Street Boys! Call me a poser. call me anything you want. but I have advice for you. Click your heels together and say "I need a life!" do you see us sp fans making fun of your music? no. Simple Plan is a great band! They arent tryingto be punk! they arent trying to be anything. they re trying to make it in the music industry. So why dont you haters fuck off. I love Simple Plan, I can relate to the lyrics. Its awsome that they write the lyrics them selves. The arent manufactured, like people say they are. If you listen closley to"A big package for you" they sa it in the interview. I dont listen to them becasue the are "Punk Rock" I listen to them becasue they are the shit. They are my favorite beand, ever. Ive lisented ot them since I came across the band on the internet. They are the best ever. And its a plus that they are very sexay. specialy David! But they rock. and hetrs if you think im another avril hilary duff bitch, think again. Im not trying to be "like totally punk rawk" Im being myself listening to whatever the fuck I want to. So go fuck yourself with a broom. Good bye. And Have a nice fucking day!

OMG they rock | Reviewer: Alix | 8/2/05

i listen to their music evryday and i love them. Davids the hottest!!!!!!!!! I LUV untitled soooooo bad. its the type of music i listen to all the time! Geese simple plan just keeps gettin better and better!