Keimy | Reviewer: Simple Plan Rocks! \m/ | 3/30/13

This Band is totally Awesome,cool and I am so very addicted to their songs!! ♥ ALL THEIR SONGS WAS SO COOL and When I hear it My heart beats FASTER . Whhhooo.I Wish someday that we will meet especially PIERRE .I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN FOREVER AND ALWAYS \m/ you rock dudes! . GOD BLESS . =)

Simple Plan Rocks | Reviewer: Emily | 11/5/12

Hi this is emily all i what to say is thank you for your music
it realy helped me though my tough times and for some reason
when i hear your song i dont fell like im not the only who is
HATEING at the world thank you SIMPLY PLAN YOU ROCK

Simple Plan awesome! shawnee | Reviewer: Sharon Lorica | 1/18/12

hello simple plan, eversince when i was in high school i like your band!i love your songs im just a kid, untitled, perfect, addicted. coz am a rocker! i love the way you rock simple plan. I fell inlove while your singing.i love your songs very much.

Punk??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

I don't think so.
This is the most painfully emo tune I have heard in years. These kids may be good at pumping out the emo, however, they wouldn't know punk if it stood up and kicked them in the balls.

♪♫♪ YOU GUYS ARE JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!........ | Reviewer: pranit chettri | 7/29/11

the song "addicted","crazy","shut-up","i m just a kid","welcome to ma life"......etc...dis songs are really a marvellous and enchantic.....dis songs sounds very energetic to meh....i just wanna say that keep on making dis type of master of luck....

SimpleePlan <3 (; | Reviewer: karen baybay (: | 6/9/10

helloooo ,my namee is karenn !I LOVEE Simplee Plann ..I loveeee all thereee songss ,I noeee them by memory ,all there songs are in my foneee !!!!i love "i'd do anythingg!!" THts my favoriteee song !!? I lovee theree cd's .&&& My room is filled with posters & alot of thingsss <333 ,well byeee add me on myspacee !!!lol (; ...welll loveee yewww ,buhhh - byeee :D '

simple plan rox | Reviewer: tiA | 3/5/10

simple plan songs are basily descrbing my life... such as the songs welcome to my life, perfect and so on they are just really awesome down to earth guys it would be such a honour just to meet them.

Aasam | Reviewer: James Nepal | 11/10/09

I love you all guys you are the only my music ba
nd an do love your lyric very much specially Welcome to my life.You are very good.I am from Nepal but i listen to your music.Do good in comming days,god bless you all guys,
Love you simple plan
Your FAN James

i like cookies i cookie monsters | Reviewer: rj | 5/17/09

simple plan my real name is rj but that's short name for rowell joseph my brother ross he has youtube video but it's bosswell we had more but the youtube company took it away so only 3 me my friends did help do it i was in it don't know if you seen it cause some one made one whith the same picture of you and used the same name as you and subscribe and tell me you'r name there i'm just 9 but one of you'r bigest fan i'll come and try to come back and those of you that read this wath the video oh yeah put bosswell crazy kid and his dog that's all for today bbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! =^.^= i'm a boy

the best band evr!! | Reviewer: margarita | 3/30/09

i luv you guys soooooo much. most of my friends don't know you guys and i think thats weird. i mean who wouldn't know you. you guys are the best! i wish i could meet you one day and i hope that day comes soon! the !st song that i heard from you was perfect and sence then i listen to it every day! can't wait for your next album.!
:-) YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

AMAZING | Reviewer: Meggz | 3/25/09

i love simple plan. their 2nd cd halped me threw alot. they have been my fave band since i heard about them. i always wanted to see them in concert but cant afford the tickets. one of my friends and i always listen to them and they never get old. their music is about real life things and not just sex and drugs. they dont always party out and everything it makes me have a great respect for them :) <3

Simple Plan | Reviewer: Kaytee | 12/30/08

These guys form the best band
The lyrics arent just crap about sex and shit
Its real lyrics, from the heart & they're the best songs
From perfect, which describes the father son relationship to im just kid, which describes the drama of trying to fit in with everyone else, Simple Plan has the lyrics to make people stop & think.

Keep it up


u guys r great......... | Reviewer: anush | 12/17/08

u guys r real rockstars 4 me ur songs, ur lyrics, ur video, i mean ur everything r cooler den everyone....
i lke da muzic video of ADDICTED...ITZ ROCKIN..
n ya 4 sure m addicted to u toooo...
just wanna say ur ol songs r fantastic
i really lke charles hes superb on drums.....n i just wanna be lke him one day....
n just wanna make a band just lke yours.......
jusk keep on rockin i wanna hear yo songs in mah whole life oz dey ol relate to me.....
so keep on makin ol ur beautiful songs/.....
luv u...

SIMPLE PLAN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: terrie mcbee | 12/5/08

your the best, when i heard yall i thought i was in love. you are very inspirational and welcome to my life so describes me, well i just wanted to say that yall rock and keep on rocking the way you do. ILOVE YALL AND ALL OF YALLS SONGS.hope to meet yall one day. yall are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU GUYS ROCK MORE THEN ANY OTHER | Reviewer: killer_skittles | 11/14/08

the first song i listened to from Simple Plan was "Dont Wanna think about you" and i immedietly fell in love with the band. I LOVE THE BAND SO MUCH!!! OMG U GUYS ROCK!!! anyways, i like them because they not only play great music, they play the kind of music where you listen to them because whatever is happening in the song, it might have happened to you, there an inspiring bandXD an dbtw this is Evie =/