Pleasure of SP songs | Reviewer: Saroj Mahrjan | 2/28/10

There's no songs that i can deny of simple plan. Such a wonderful lyrics which matches to my real life.. So rocking too it keeps me holding on they addicted me so they need to save me and their love for us won't be lie in our generation and i will miss them when i'm gone so i promise that i'd do anything for them

SIMPLE PLAN RULE! | Reviewer: Patricia | 12/20/08

ha... i only listen to SP's songs every single day.
never nothing else.
i guess im just OBSESSED! with them!
they're AWESOME!
best band everrr!
i loveee pierre (HOT) ♥
this song is awesome.
i love Generation and Jump as well.
and Save You and Your Love is a Lie and Thank You and Me Against the World and Addicted and Perfect and Perfect World and Meet You There and Shut Up and Untitled and When I'm Gone and What If and Welcome To My Life and My Christmas List and Grow Up and Vacation and Time To Say Goodbye and Everytime and Don't Wanna Think About You and Crazy and I Can Wait Forever and My Alien and I'm Just a Kid and I'd Do Anything.

Haha yea.... those songs are great.
i can't live without my iPod! i MUST listen to their songs every single day to make my day ♥

Promise | Reviewer: kristian | 12/30/07

Omggg i lvoe this song.I like it so much its my myspace songg.Simple Plan is my favorite bandd.The are what i listen to everydayy.
I hhopeeee theyyyy make new songg that i like.
Buuuut i have to say tthat promise one of the best song i have listen to that i loveddd .

And sall yall ppeopllllee yall should listen to all there songg they are greatt!

love | Reviewer: alex | 8/27/07

i love the lyrics. it really relates to what me and my boyfriend go through. love isn't easy at all and you constantly have to swallow your pride. love the song though.

About the song Promise performed by Simple Plan | Reviewer: MrZ.W_!_X | 7/23/07

this song rox ! i adore simple plan all of their songs are emotional. and this song describes all the love inside of every1.

the best song ever | Reviewer: Marina | 4/14/07

i really love this song its great it describes all the love feeling you`ve got inside i mean its the perfect love song simple plan rocks