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Performed by Simple Plan

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The OC lookalike | Reviewer: MeteoritU | 6/11/07

it reminds of the season finale of the third season of the OC ='(

you'd still be here" and all that GOD why did marissa die ...

rules needed to make ur wrld perfect.... | Reviewer: divya | 6/10/07

i knw its all true but if we don't let all dis happen den our wrld is *~PERFECT~*. its just dat don't get involved in love n even if u do den dun try to have a serious relation cuz i knw ~*LOVE HURTS*~................who so ever is reading this may think i've got no brains n no feelins but im telllin u guys my experience.......n now my wrld is just the most ~*PERFECT WORLD*~..... other than that simple plan rocks......its the ultimate n dey've got the truest songs ever..........I <3 ~*SIMPLE PLAN*~.........mwaaah

I love this song soo much!! | Reviewer: Oran | 6/10/07

Simple Plan is the best band ever!!
This song is soo good and very exciting!!
Simple Plan - please come to Israel!!
We love you!!

SP Rulzz!!

who wrote this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

Simple Plan did a good job with it but it would good for them to show the info on the song

The song i the real life ! | Reviewer: Frida | 5/20/07

It's true. In a perfect world every thing you want to know happends but it never do, so we don't live in a perfect world people.
But I love this song becase it's your dreams, and sometimes you feel the tears fall down your cheek. LOVE THIS SONG!! this song describes something we all have went through.

it is so true!! | Reviewer: nicole | 5/8/07

i totally loved this song i mean one of the most important people in my worlg is gone and it need that person so much "In a perfect world
You’d still be here" that part is the most true of all. and chanching subject i love simple plan the whole cd is so amazing!!!!!! I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! simple plan is my favorite band byebye lov'ya all

i love the song!!!♥ ♥ ♥ | Reviewer: Marisol | 5/6/07

OMG this song is my favorite also all the lyrics make sense so much and the lyrics matches my life.. with my ex..
♥ Marisol

I love this song! | Reviewer: Mayra | 5/4/07

This song just make me cry!because it reminds me: THE OC! when Ryan lost Marissa in a car accident!it's like the perfect lyric for him,and his situation!..<3 SP they're just simple,but they've amazing lyrics and this is an example!=)

GOOD SONG | Reviewer: CHINESE | 4/27/07

I used to think that I was strong
Until the day it all went wrong
I think I need a miracle to make it through

poetry at parkland elementery | Reviewer: sky markotich | 4/12/07

hi people i luv this song i am doing a peotry thing at parkland school and i chose this song because it was very heart toching and it is my favorite song also my friends are always really nice to me but this one girl i hang out with called me a bitch and that made me really sad and i thought she was my best friend well thx read other peoples they rock byebye oh ya i am 11

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