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Performed by Simple Plan

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Yet another | Reviewer: The guy who knows the guy the songs are written about | 3/10/07

The song isn't quite related to me directly, but I can't help feeling....
Whether it's me, or my friends, it seems like this song is a life story...I'm not exactly in this kind of situation, but I'm always the one left to comfort those who ARE in this situation.
Maybe I'm selfish, I don't know...but It's always so hard for me....even though it's not MY perfect world...
SOngs like this make me truly, truly wish this WAS a perfect world.....and a lot of times, it hurts to know that it can't be....
Well, I'm probably rambling by now, but in any case....this song is so damn touching, and I'm glad I found these lyrics and I'm glad Simple Plan sang it.......

Life goes on | Reviewer: Emma | 2/23/07

So I just love this song because it helped me cope when one of my friends died. it brought me to terms with everythng, and I hadn't heard it in a while, but now I'm downloading it right now. The song's amazinfg and Im so glad I found this site!

boy tramas | Reviewer: sydney | 10/24/06

i think this song most helps me in a my boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago i think..and somehow the song is just like how i "i used to think that i was strong till the day it all went wrong..i think i need a miracle to make it through" and saying how my lifes not perfect but it could be perfect if i had another chance with my ex..but i doubt that would ever happen...but thats just how i feel..

heeeellllllp meeee | Reviewer: ramona | 2/20/06

ahhhh. i just wanna scream.... this song can realli rel8 to me rite now. why is it that there are these bitchy girls at school that tease me and wanna bring me down??? like, to their disgusting level??? i am sooooo sick of their shit dude. i dont get upset + they dont seem to stop teasing me. at first they were nice, ya know. none of this crap happened, ever. i dont know wat went wrong but something must have. u know, i always hear songs about "if you wanna bring me down, go ahead and try, go ahead and try" etc etc etc. i truly believe that thats sooooo true and i always stick by that statement. but i dont let anyone ANYONE bring me down EVER. and even though i'm having tough times now, this is the time wen i can show myself wat im made of and this is the time to show myself that i am NOT gonna let anyone bring me down, or change me no matter what. thanks.

Such a great song! | Reviewer: simply_me | 4/18/05

this song is so good!!! i'm addicted to that song! the whole cd is really awesome but my really favorite song is perfect world ..i love SP guyz!!Simple plan kick asses!!! i really appreciate the job they do cuz i can always refer myself to their songs...they write about things that are real and that happen to many teens around the world!!


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