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Performed by Simple Plan

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perfect song!!!!!!! | Reviewer: @vr@ | 5/12/08

well guys you see it ....its just another awsome -simple plan song-and it just mekes me feel a lot....its my hope...its my sadness...but whatsmore i think perfect world has that something to hold on to it...yeah yeah...rock it up guys..whatever they say....

awesome song but true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

this is an amazing song but it makes me think about the fight ive had with one of my best friends

i try so much to become friends again but everything i do is just not good enough
i cant make anyone happy...

... | Reviewer: nat | 2/17/08

this song describes the relationship between me and my former best friend. our fight was so stupid, and when i tried to end it she didn't even attempt to be friends again. now she hasn't spoken a word to me in 3 months, even though we see eachother every day. if she would let me, then i could totally repair our friendship. but she doesn't care at all.

perfect for perfect. | Reviewer: xMadinaLovex | 2/15/08

my situation this second is perfect for this song. my parents say i'm like a curse. they are always saying what i'm doing wrong and never what i'm doing right. i did what they wanted and its still not good enough for them, i'm not perfect enough for them.

TRUE Soooo TRUE !!!!!! | Reviewer: Unimportant | 1/4/08

This song from simple plan is yet another HIT!!!!....

But This song is soo true, the lyrics just cling on to you... I have gone through the same situation and still going in PAIN. It means a lot to me.... Coz its actually the thing that went on in my life, especially the time when I thought I was so strong....
Even she blamed me, although we both had issues.... All lost forever.. They say time can heal ur heart, but its not true, once lost the pain always lasts in ur heart....
Hope I will get back my wife.. still livin with her memories, day in and out............

We talk about just a SIMPLE PLAN not a difficuld. | Reviewer: Waldo | 12/21/07

I love Simple Plan. But why you have to make it so difficuld? Why you don't just typ: Chorus when the chorus is coming and a short time after you typ it again when the chorus is coming? That's much easyer. But its' you site. Not mine. Left= Everything super!

to late.. | Reviewer: black_cat | 12/3/07

everybody has a different story for this song.Everyone who is listening to it, once held in his/her arms the perfect love..that true love that only comes once in a life time..and who leaves your heart broken.You then start dayting other call another person "honny" or "baby"..but it will never be the same..they woun't love you the way he/she loved you!He/she will always be in your your your soul.

i could never have seen this far... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

I like this song. It makes me think of my best friend well, she was my best friend. and i think the lyrics fit in nicely. 'I could just pick up the pieces But to you this means nothing, Nothing at all' - this means: i can just like fix our friendship (the pieces) but to you its means nothing. i wish i could turn back time... on how we used to be, cause i cant let go (of our friendship). and without you i just cant find my way. and im still here waiting for her... 'in a perfect world this could never happen' - our friend ship could never have broke up...

hope you know what i mean

is it necessery? | Reviewer: who knows? | 11/19/07

in my opinion this song is .....I can't describe it.It hasn't many days I listen to Simple Plan.It has a deep character.I don't know if you will understant me because I am Greek.I am in proficiency class but I still can't put across my thoughts.For me it doesn't matter.I wanted to say that I will waiting any other cd that s.p. will put on.

the only one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

a month ago the love of my life jamie died, he commited suicide as soon as i heard this song i could keep it in, its the perfect song and i'll allways remember it. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

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