This song is all of me | Reviewer: shadowgirl | 1/8/12

I love this song! People call me a disaster all of the time. This song I first heard watching a vid on Shadow the hedgehog. We are both rejected and people make fun of us. I have a slight darkside and my temper and additude is the same as Shadow. Thats why I luv this song.

Awesome Song :P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/10

I really love this song because for one reason is that it can explain what people are going through. I love this song for sure because when I'm sad or angry I listen to this song and BAM I feel a whole lot better.

AWESOME | Reviewer: TeenTitanTerraLover | 8/25/09

I fell in love with this song when I saw a Terra tribute to it. But yeas, it's quite interesting and I can relate to this song. To me it's about a group of people being pulled down by another group and they're climbing their way above it.

One of the best songs | Reviewer: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 5/10/09

I like this song is one of my favorites and save you too.
Honestly the first time that I heard it I didnĀ“t like it but after it stars to like it and now is one of my favorites.

sinple plan is a big band.

-thought bubble- | Reviewer: Eastea | 1/17/09

This song is an interesting view of agressive rebellion, and it makes an vibrant contrast with the more passive method. This one shouts its rebellion from the rooftops, while the passive kind just whispers it and smiles. I wonder which ype will tough it out the longest?

U_U | Reviewer: Blo.Ody Romance_ | 7/13/08

<<i love this song 'cause it describes what happens to people (like me) who think with there own minds and are excluded by the most of the people>> i agree with this one :)
i love this song for the same reason..

great song | Reviewer: number24 | 4/16/08

i love this song 'cause it describes what happens to people (like me) who think with there own minds and are excluded by the most of the people, and this song gives us the strength to fight and prove these guys wrong

it's so not emo | Reviewer: Me | 1/6/08

EMO-HATER: you should really just shut up, it's not depressing at all. personally i think it describes what is happening in my small town. if you're not like them you're wrong. it gives me and many other people hope, so quit bashing this song since you seem so well off

omg how could you hate the song | Reviewer: emmie | 12/26/07

I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I've gotta prove them wrong
Me against the world

thats what my moto is i get called a nightmare i know im a disaster i am a lost cause im not a hero i make it on my own i always prove them wrong and my myspace name is 3MM!3(it's me against the world) so booyah

love it!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

its one of the bests songs of SP i love sp!!!!
its my favorite group this song is wWoOW!! I feel it jiji

One of my Favorite | Reviewer: Simple Plan fan | 11/14/07

this song is one of my fav. it has a deep meaning. all the lyrics are good. i enjoy this song alot!!!!!!!!!!! fun to hear.

i love it | Reviewer: kosta | 7/21/07

i first heard this song on youtube in a sad video now when i feel down i listen to this song and feel better love it soo much

Love the Song, thanks for the Lyrics | Reviewer: Hajime Saito | 7/15/07

I listen to this song daily. Makes my life easier, since my life is a nightmare, and I'm the disaster. *chuckles*

Thank you so much for the lyrics! I'll remember them forever. > >

Sincerely, Emo on Patrol,
Hajime Saito

Best Ever | Reviewer: Gaara | 6/26/07

This song is so right everyone tries to change me or change other people but you shouldn't change this song has a meaning in it OMG i love it

best song. | Reviewer: it's just me against the world.. | 6/7/07

this song raise me up. fuck all the fakers & posers! sp's the best!