only jump. | Reviewer: Cami | 11/30/2007

I always listen to this song over and over when I have fighten with my father. I' ll do the things I wanna do!

tight | Reviewer: DANY a.k.a.sami sosa | 5/31/2007

u know now that i think about it .i wouldn't want to wake up one day + find OUT its 2 late 2 do all the things i've planned.i would be lost in the world of life can't go on like this so im gonna take a stand . +let my fears out so that i can do all the things i wish 4!!!!!!!!!!THANKS SIMPLE PLAN

jump | Reviewer: claire | 1/14/2006

i don't wanna wake up one day and find out it's too late to do all the thigs i wanna do