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Performed by Simple Plan

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None | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

people are saying simple plan isnt giving money but atleast they are telling people about this stufff whens the last time you gave charity probably not in a long time or even never so you people should bequiet cuz atleast they are thinking about and all your doin is sittin on your buttt and goin on the computer and thats not charity

With or without such songs | Reviewer: Anatoly | 12/1/07

I think we all should look through ourselves.. Sometimes we act and think and feel like an animal crowd, but we are not! We have to try not to be slaves of our instincts...

CRAZYYY <3 :D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/07

I like this song :D It's very true text, but it's pretty hard to sing!
I'm gonna play it in my studio for fun.
- It's really important for big artist to write such text. It is important for the world! I hope people get it.

Hey you | Reviewer: John_Cena_33 | 11/6/07

Simple plan dnates millions to a disintoxication fund and have financed an orphanage in LA, so check what you say b4 you write it!
My time is now

An Inconvient Truth | Reviewer: Jazmin Schwerdtfeger | 11/5/07

Ironically, i was just writing an essay on just this. What the hell is wrong with the world. All of you idiots that posted stuff about simple plan saying that theyre worth shit cuz they dont do anything about it. that just shows how much of an idiot you guys really are. what do you think this song is about? its about doing something about this hell hole we live in. and hey. at least simple plan has the balls to write about something actually meaningful. what kind of music are you really listening to? i seems that now all music is either about drugs, sex, girls, or cars. how stupid is that. who cares about all those things. i know i dont. simple plan is in a position where they have the power to get a message out to the world, and they are doing just that. do you know how many people have heard this song worldwide? ALOT. do you think that if you stood out on your corner with a sign that said "SAVE THE WORLD" anyone would listen to you? ha. i dont think so. so you better rethink what you say. it is because of people like you that our world is how it is. if you think simple plan isnt doing anything about it... hell why the fuck dont YOU go do something about it yourself. instead of critizising others for trying to actually make a difference. so fuck you and your negative attitude. no one needs you anyways.

Another point... | Reviewer: stretchTWO- | 10/24/07

I honestly don't get it.
If Simple Plan is addressing these issues through song, why aren't they doing something about it? I'm pretty sure they have not donated millions of millions to Charitys because celebs are just as greedy as the rest of us, and everyone knows it.

coconut | Reviewer: coconut | 10/17/07

please all of you people give as much about money as the people the song is about (me 2) so fuck your ideals with the world is bad we need to help, without even helping

=\ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

Do these guys even try to do anything about this shit?...I don't know but if they don't maybe they should take a leaf out of Anti-Flags book and do something for charity

mabuang ko ninyo! | Reviewer: ish | 9/11/07

rock on!!! KAPA KAU ANG LYRICS..igo kau ang mga tao around the world!!! so sa tanang mudDah FuckaH dra..paminawa ninyo ni!!!

live in the present, not the past | Reviewer: ALEX | 9/4/07

everyone is reviewing saying,"ogawd wtdix is happening to the world!? why do people care about money!?" what do you want the world to care about? puppies and stuffed animals?? there has always been a currency that countries used to buy things with whether it's been salt or coins.

"Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?"

what is he going to be saved from?? the massive amounts of money hes making from this song?
or is he complaining some more about how bad his life is??

there was one band on MTV not too long ago that said they weren't too big into making money, and they made all of their CDs environment friendly (and almost caused them to not even get their CDs produced) which shows they aren't just waiting for someone else to make a difference, they're making a difference themselves.

SimpleePlann<3 | Reviewer: -XX- | 8/25/07

ii Love This Song ... It Makes Me Really Think Bout How Bad The World Is Turning My Favorite Part Is I guess we're all just too damn busy
Money's our first priority Bcos Its All True ALl Anyone Think ABout Is Money ....

Amazingly true song. | Reviewer: Ruthieexx | 8/16/07

This song is soo true.
I love this soo soo much, someone needed to confront those issues and simple plan did just that.
I wish that i had power and that people would listen to what i say so i could confront those issues.

OMG THIS IS AWESOME | Reviewer: fall out boy rules! | 8/8/07

i <3 this song it speaks to me. it says make a change bcuz nothing will change if no one does something about it. sometimes people may say, "you should see the bright side in things." if u always look at the bright side u will never know how bad things are, and they'll never change.. (see the music videos of, 'what ive done' and 'makedamnsure' they really tell me something too.)

... | Reviewer: blehh | 7/29/07

wow. this song isnt another
"you broke my hear" emo crying in the
corner song.

this song has a meaning, that will appeal
to everybody.
i mean, the world is obviously spiralling

(9/11, World Wars, Suicides, Belemic Models)

we need more bands like simple plan.


Truth in music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07

This song is so true... its scary.
I mean there is definitly something wrong with the society. But only a few people seem to notice it.. or at least do something against it. Because it isnĀ“t done with noticing it.. you have to fight these problems or nothing will ever change.

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