Gifted Music Artists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/14

Thank you so much for your Wonderful music!!! My very favorite is "BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS" The Lyrics...Melody....have got to be one of the most profound creations ever produced......Love your voice Mr Simon.... Thank You again for sharing your hearts with us!!!

Lotsu lof fun.. | Reviewer: Jola | 5/1/12

I am just watching Simon and Garfunkelmold concert on Sat 3 and I must say this music is sort of eternal and to me,as I hope also for other oldies, it' is also a fantastic reminder of good old times ..when we're young

Consistant success of Simon and Garfunkel | Reviewer: JC | 2/19/12

Simon and Garfunkel, in various configurations, had been at it since 1955. Once the record company electrified "The Sounds Of Silence" Paul Simon came back from England and started recording with Art Garfunkel. After that initial success, Simon never failed to come up with hit material throughout Simon and Garfunkel's carreer (and beyond). That's one thing they have in common with the Beatles.

Thankyou , thankyou, thankyou | Reviewer: nazeem | 1/18/11

To Paul and Art, thankyou for beutiful music that given us wonderful reminder of times in our lives. You were and still is and will be forever the best thing that happened to music. Man ! i just love your music and will always love it !!!

Simon and Grafunkel | Reviewer: Patti | 11/13/10

To me, this duo is the epitome of music perfection. Their songs are a perfect combination of pure talent and passion. I have teenage children who love Simon and Garfunkel also. I have often told my family that when I am called by God, I want to take my Simon and Garfunkel collection with me. There will never be any singing group that will top them.

Simon & Garfunkel/Forever Poets! | Reviewer: Maria Venidis | 7/4/10

I have been a huge fan of Simon & Garfunkel since
I've been very young. I've been touched by their
romantic poetry, beautiful scenery and nature based acoustic guitar arrangements and enriched harmonies by Art. When I hear their music, I am taken to another place where I can visualize the mountains, blue sky and think of days passed with
a loved one. I would like to thank them for truly
taking me to that other place and inspiring me for
decades past.