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Performed by Simon and Garfunkel

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this song is my obituary already | Reviewer: David Lloyd | 3/16/11

Every Thursday after a hard week at work and resulting overtime done I would visit the local pub and stick this single on every single Thursday. It is me and has been me for years.....

my favourite song of all time to go with deceptive bends by 10cc as my favourite album and the who as the greatest band.

there are however a few words after the chorus I can't quite make out. can anyone have a go at those for me please. 25 years without knowing is getting to me....


This just fits | Reviewer: Medicarehealthplanman | 12/2/10

I am not a musician but remember loving this song as a child. I spend the last 4 months of every eyar helping seniors with their Medicare decisions. I am considered in my area one of teh "good guys". Every year the government drops more and more restrictions on us and now it seems just like this song. Guilty before proven innocent. So every day i listen to this song and do a little dance in teh office. Obviously the guys singing it overcame the whole slander and libel thing and so can I.
All the best.

A Message That Rings True | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/07

Any musician that has travelled on the road, played dive bars and other bad gigs could relate to this song. The lyrics speak of a dream becoming somewhat of a nightmare, harassment from local law, the desire to make it doing what you believe in, etc., and the ultimate goal of making it home in one piece is perfectly demonstrated in this excellent song. Timeless, to say the least.

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