My experiences | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/13

This song always reminds me of the times before bad things in my life started happening and I had to learn to grow up fast. I guess I could say that for me it's about transitioning from a phase of ignorance and innocence to a phase filled with knowledge about the world that I didn't like. The months before I was hit and nearly killed by an SUV, I had been listening to this a lot. That year I also lost two beloved family members. I had to learn to cope with depression really quickly and I developed a bleak outlook on life. This song reminds me of the times before I developed such a bleak outlook.

experience | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

hearing this songs makes me realize that i have missed out on the only guy i could ever love trully. my stupidity of my youthful thoughts pushed the truth out of the way, and made me miss out on the one guy that was the best thing for me. we gave ourselves to each other on this song, and i will forever remember that.
i miss you jlw

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

Ithink the song is about being blinded by love where only person within therelationship feels something completely different from the other. When the one person is faced with the end of his/her relationship they feel as though that the sums don't add up at all, and because he/she was blinded by love, they cannot trace how they got to that point. As if there are two cameras filming the same scenes, except one movie turns out differently than the other

Lifting the veil/Shifting the view | Reviewer: Bas | 7/23/09

To me (I am aware that this is my personal interpretation and might not correspond to the actual author's) this song describes the growth of a mind through stages of knowledge and understanding.
"Remove a bullet from my head" means to remove an idea/point of view (for example the religious idea that we are the center of the universe), which causes us to be blinded to the truth by means of "over confidence", where we do not accept an explanation that we see as being not in our favour. And by doing so, we move into a (mental)space which allows us to view EVERYTHING with a new perspective.
I want to spare you my interpretation of "three came from one little seed", save from that I can extrapolate a beautiful double (science/religious) meaning from it, but I think the best thing about poetry is that we can find our own interpretation, so it can mean something (different) to us from whichever point of view/developmental stage we look.

beauty in musical form | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

beautiful song.....just wow....
it makes me feel nostalgic and depressed at the smae time
in a good way