Songs from the heart. | Reviewer: dfmmusic | 1/23/14

The first time i ever heard silverstein was when i played a free dvd i got from a magazine. metalhammer i think back in 2006-07. It was the video to smashed into pieces. i couldnt help thinking that shane told's voice kinda sounded robotic which i thought was pretty cool so i checked out more songs by them. Since then, ive listened to every song and they just keep getting better and better. So much infact that i would have to say that there latest album, 'this is how the wind shifts' is my favourite. Definitely recommend them to anybody that likes hardcore rock music to be melodic and catchy or too anybody that has sensitive feelings as the songs do tend to match the way you are feeling sometimes. well written songs.

Hands Down ~<3 Best Band Ever | Reviewer: Just A Girl | 9/10/13

My brother and sister listened to Silverstien when I was younger. I became interested in them in my teens. They have this soft but hard sort of music and it get to you. The music rips through your soul. They're music is real which is what I like the most about them.

Silverstein <3 | Reviewer: Cassiekips | 7/16/11

i have been listening to silversteil since i was 12 and im now 17 ive loved there music since the first time i herd them the first song i ever herd was 'my heroine' off a youtube clip after that i looked up more of their songs and FELL IN LOVE! I'm pretty sure ive herd every song of theirs. My faveorite band. I will always recomend silverstein to my friends. <3 ya Silverstein exoh

BEST BAND EVER..ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH :DD I LOVE THEM! | Reviewer: heather | 12/2/09

I've been listening to silverstein for 4 years,come 2010 it'll be 5 :D I love there music,its truly amazing and without it...I'd be insane or retarded ;D and well shanes pretty cute :) and the rest of the band is just as awesome! They came to Vegas for extreme thing and were best day ever!!

hands down awesome... | Reviewer: Closed | 11/14/09

i have nothing more to say to them but they are the greatest band ever. My favorite songs from them are Red Light Pledge, Discovering The Waterfront, Smashed To Pieces, Already Dead, My Disaster and Still Dreaming...

love this band! | Reviewer: Jerry | 6/18/09

Hi all, just wanted to add my opinion on silverstein; basically I love all kinds of music and been getting into alot of hard altrock and emo, and I must say these guys rule! One of my favorites. Silverstein you are so awesome, please keep up the good music, peace to you all!

SILVERSTEIN ROCKS!!!! | Reviewer: kimmycaca <333 | 7/30/08

Silverstein is one the bands that I am really into!!! They have amazing sound && lyrics! Their music really touches me because I can relate to it. Keep up the amazing work silverstein, you guys rock!!! <333

Silverstein is the best | Reviewer: Zachary Rogers | 3/30/08

I love the band.
It has been my favorite band since i herd about them
which was around the year 2000.
This band is one of the reasons that i write music.
and the reason i wanna play bass is from Bill Hamilton.. He is a awesome basses
i wanna play just like him
it would be so cool if he was my teacher on playing bass
i would love that so much
it would be a dream come true

Javonte Perkins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/08

silverstein is like the best band i know. their music is so awesome and two of my favorite songs is worlds apart (arrivals and departures), and discovering the waterfront (discovering the waterfront). Shane told is my favorite vocal singer and pual koehler is my favorite drummer. and the rest of the band i love them to.

Silverstein | Reviewer: Susan | 2/16/08

This is one of the most amazing bands ever. I just wish people here in Norway could open their ears and listen to the wonderful magic coming from Shane Told's mouth, and all the others. Everytime I hear My Heroine, my heart aches, they're just amazing.

OMG! | Reviewer: Ashley | 1/24/08

This band is so amazing. I especially love Neil Boshart! Hottie hottie with a naughty body. I totally love him. he looks like this guy who use to go to my school named David. OH MAN! Shane and Paul are so fine too.

amazing | Reviewer: asdfl;j | 11/29/07

They're my favorite band! I have 2 of their albums. I listen to them all the time. There was this chick who was all like wooo. We were best friends and got into this really exciting relationship, then one day she stops talking to me, dumps me, starts goin' out with this older guy, and starts makin' stuff up about me. I listened to Silverstein all the time. It helped me alot. This paired with Secondhand Serenade is great for depression.

Silverstein- New Drums and Info from Paul Koehler <3 | Reviewer: Alanah Vanha | 11/5/07

well i got new drums, and sent paul and email telling him about them, asking him all this stuff and he said that they will for sure try to make it to Thunder Bay, Ontario for a concert, i love Silverstein, and that is my story<3

Sick ass band | Reviewer: Andrew Chenard | 10/23/07

i chose this band for my music project and its like the best assigment i have ever done, what song should i choose to go alone with my poster? i was thinking "smile in your sleep"

!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/07

i have this really borrin latin teacher rite n one day guess watt - he told me his cousin is in silverstein!! wow!!! ummm can any1 tell me wich 1 neil is coz thats my teachers cousin... i just wanna make sure hes nt the ming 2 wit da moustache lol :D

anyway - yer we all no ther musics amazin, etc, etc, I LOVE smashed into pieces & my heroine. i woz gonna buy theyr album recently but i woz 50p short!! dammit!!