deap | Reviewer: Hayden | 9/27/07

silversteins newest album's arrivals and departures is awesome ... silversteins lyrics and sounds are like a new cut right across your wrist it hurts but the rush you get feals so good you can't help but smile as you drownd in it ...

She wasn't mine to have | Reviewer: Marky Marc | 9/12/07

I met this girl but she was with someone else, she kept lying to me telling me she'd leave him and I fell for it everytime, I told her enough but she kept bothering me, playing games so I emailed her discovering the waterfront lyrics- and finally she got it! Silverstein saved me

silverstein | Reviewer: melissa | 8/16/07

Silver stein would have to be one of the best bands around, their music is awesome and their lyrics are extremely deep and meaningful.. recently a few things have happened in my life, and silverstiens music has brought things to reality for me, made me realise that life goes on and i wont be the same in a few years as i am now. and that sometimes things change for good even if it dosen't seem like it at the time.
if siverstein come to Adelaide in Australia.. i will pay any ammount of money to go and see them!
it will be one of the best experiences of my life to see the band that effected me so much live..
you guys are awesum!!
i love you'se! ^^

Silverstein: The Band That Are Always On Tour. | Reviewer: DFM | 7/15/07

Silverstein are definately one of my favourite bands around today, firstly because their songs just make me wanna go mad in a mosh pit, hehe and secondly, their lyrics are beautiful and well written. 'My Heroine, Call it Karma, Vanity & Greed, True Romance, Giving Up' are just a few songs worth downloading if you have never listened to them before. First time i ever heard silverstein was on a dvd released through metal hammer magazine and it was their song 'smashed into pieces', two hours after watching it, i had all of their albums. Now, with the long awaited 'arrivals & departures', i reckon i have the best album of them all. Its well worth buying from a band that are truely amazing and are incredible live. Screamo FOREVER!

crazy | Reviewer: mark | 7/6/07

this band is sick i seen them live twice, they are defintly one of the best bands out there, wont forget a second of ther concerts, ther amazing, so if u think u love ther cds WAIT til u see them live you will piss urself

WOW!!! | Reviewer: Kat | 6/11/07

$ilverstein are my favorite band!
Absalutly Fantastic!!!!!
$aw them live in my home town, omg what an a-mai-zing band, SOOO good live, thumbs up lads!

love their Music the lyrics and sound is awesome!
They're really nice people too, oo & Shane arr omj Love you x..x..x..x..x..x..x..x

about silverstein..? | Reviewer: alexis capo | 6/2/07

nnyeah, my life is basically hell. and music helps me with my stress. whenever im depressed i listen to silverstein, and usually after i go through a whole ablum, im fine.. lyrics are great. love love love em. :D way to go silverstein!! love ya!!

Silverstein, new cd | Reviewer: Berk The Turk | 4/27/07

silverstein is my favorite band right now and their new cd arrivals and departures, is coming out im sure itll be kick@$$ and they rock with their melodic, screaming, hardcore novelty sound, its awesome

Silverstein ****ing rocks | Reviewer: BASSMENT | 11/1/06

This is a great screamo band on their way to big success. They're the perfect vanilla rock band if your into the power vocals. Great drum beats. Awesome guitar and bass riffs. The singer is pretty good with well-written lyrics. If you haven't yet, buy one of their c.d.'s.

Silverstein Rocks!! | Reviewer: Cortney | 4/7/06

I have Silverstein's "Discovering the Waterfront" cd and it is Awesome!!! I can relate to a couple of the songs...especially Discovering the Waterfront...That song is sad but awesome. Paul is the hottest guy too!! I LOVE all of Silverstein members though

Amazing Band. My favorite drummer/drums | Reviewer: R. James Mahon | 3/26/06

The drums in "Smile In Your Sleep" are amazing and go so great with everything else, and this is one amazing band with lots of talent.

Best live band ever | Reviewer: Mike | 3/12/06

I came across this band from a friend and was mildly impressed. I had happened to listen to the only song by them I don't love. After getting a sampler at Wakestock, I fell in love with them. After listening to the full album I become a diehard fan with them becoming one of my favourite bands along with AFI.I found out Silverstein was on tour with Hawthorne Heights and was on a mission to see them. Being at one of the best venues in Toronto (the Phoenix) silverstein played a set that will stay with me until I die. It was amazing from there opening song until they finished with Bleeds No More. I find them to be the best band I've seen live and recommend anyone with a love of screamo to see them or you will not have experienced a real concert.

Silverstein is the best band ever | Reviewer: V | 1/8/06

Their music rocks! It's the best music I've ever listend to. Shane Told is great at the screaming. I really like all of the songs I can't really pick a favorite song. I always listen to them over and over.

aws | Reviewer: brad blei | 10/7/05

Silverstein rules! there songs are actio npacked, lyrical wise and there playing is awsome! I love these guys! if you want a good band check them, with the songs "your sword versus my dagger" "Bleeds no more" "ginving up" and many more! must check these guys out! shane told, is basiclly the best screamer you will EVER hear!