Gossip Girl | Reviewer: Ivy | 7/3/12

I love this song!!! The second episode of season 4 brought me here when Chuck and Blair are at the train station after seeing each other for the first time after Chuck got shot. God I love gg, chair, and sia <3

Response to Billie Capone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/12

It is indeed a beautiful song... And what a beautiful but painful description you give of depression. So many people live this way - but sometimes it's true, not many people are listening. But it's also true that a lot of people would like to help - if they only understood a little better. Let us all listen to each other more. To the things we DON'T say. If we could, I think there would be a lot less loneliness and sadness. Peace and blessings to you...

12/05/2011 | Reviewer: Billie Capone | 12/5/11

Such a beautiful song...especially the piano version and I am amazed more people havent commented on it. This song is a perfect description of depression. That is the way that I often feel, as though I am stuck inside of myself crying silent tears which no one hears or understands. And the longer you wait for someone to rescue you, the worse you get and the more you become a prisoner of history, a prisoner of walls built by you alone. And eventually you just want to back down and either drown yourself in sadness, or cry out for someone to take it from you because you dont feel like you can hold it anymore. To people with depression and to Sia I say: There is hope for you and this world, for all of us. But first you have accept help when you know you need it, let your walls down and dont banish the people you love most because you'll regret when there's no one left and you loose yourself even further. There is help, people who willing to and all you have to do is ask. Just dont loose yourself in the people who are helping you like I did (its worse than the depression haha), stay your own person but happy. And remember that I can hear you.

slide mistake in the lycris | Reviewer: ronja | 9/26/10

one line is always written wrong. It is all "off the sadness I can not live with insinde of me." almost every page is writing living but it is live with and you can hear that really clearly in the piano and vocal version of this song.