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Performed by Sia

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i am small, i am needy | Reviewer: Emma | 12/10/08

this is the most beautiful, heartbreaking, sorrowful, and lovely song i have heard. EVER. it is a true work of art and the music video is just as amazing! you cannot be disappointed by this artist, never in a million years.

Hope | Reviewer: Gets the Struggle | 12/8/08

Dear "Struggle,"
I know it gets hard, but 1) you're not alone and 2) people DO care whether you can always see it or not. I know cutting feels good, but it's such a destructive high. I've found that writing helps me release similar emotions without inflicting bodily pain. Don't let yourself sink.

And I know this might sound strange, but churches are sometimes great places to turn to find people who care enough to listen and to help. You just might have to try a couple before you find one that understands. Check it out. Love and peace.

wonderfully sobering | Reviewer: Bebli | 12/8/08

This is about the most sorrowful and heart-wrecking song I have ever heard.It gives this softness and sentiments to the listening atmosphere with every versed dared that it makes you wanna cry. But I think her other song Sunday is the best of all.

Re: struggle | Reviewer: Michael | 12/7/08

I don't know if you will ever visit this site again, so i don't know if you'll ever get to read this, but i couldn't stop myself to at least try.
- Yes, there is a place for you in this world. Everyone has it's place, you can trust me on that, and you shouldn't feel unwanted or reject because the people you are with are not the most caring ones. I do not know how much my words can help your grieving heart, but i do hope they can bring you at least a bit of hope, because there are still good people in this world. There are still people who care and know how to love. Be strong and don't let anyone bring you down. Keep your mind strong and your heart opened because you are not alone. Whatever you do, stop cutting yourself. Hurting yourself is not going to solve anything and it won't ease the pain you feel deep in your heart. Keep your head up and when you feel that you can't take it anymore just try and to something else. Go outside and scream, break something, write (yes, write down your thoughts, every single one of them, your dark thoughts, your dreams, whatever is on your mind, write it down) or take a long walk and think about your life. Just don't...hurt yourself, it won't help you.
I wish you all the best that this world and life has to offer, don't lose hope, believe and things will get better, you'll see.

be my friend. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

its an amazing song which brought me to tears. it kind of sums up the way i have been feeling lately. i know many other people have much worse lives than me and stuff but i always feel like i have everything but somebody who cares. i like to listen to this song when it rains and im by myself because i feel like someone gets it. they understand and they care. i love this song so much because it represents what im feeling right now and makes me feel like i am not alone. all i want right now is a friend. be my friend, hold me.

struggle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/08

i am 16 years old.i was 15 when i lived with my mother.she was on every drug there was and an alcoholic.we lived in a motel with fleas there.failed school she was never home some times i had no way of finding a way to school.i would always have panic attacks and anxieties all the time in the middle of class suffered depression...still we moved back to the place were we were raised so me and my mom lived there.her girlfriend would beat me i was a slave cleaning and doing everything they wanted or they WOULD beat me and lock me up in this little room.only a bed could fit in there.and finally got dad rescued me but i used to live with him and my three brothers. i decided to move in with my mom bc they use to verbally abuse me causing me to try to commit suicide till finally i took a whole bottle of advil and almost went to the hospital to pump my stomach but i refused.after all of that its funny how noone one cared.never said sorry.cut myslf to day my brother saw it he just said i was stupid and looked away i caught my dad looking at it too he just looked away struggling to stay alive to keep my mind there any place for this world?

Tears | Reviewer: Mica | 12/5/08

This song brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it. I am a recovering cutter and user and this song just epitomizes everything I'm going through in my struggle. I always listen to this song when I feel like I want to cut or use something again... It works every time.

for everyone | Reviewer: Michael | 12/2/08

There is something powerful and addictive about this song that just makes you...think and feel, doesn't it?
There is no way to measure one's pain, suffering or sorrow, the same way that you can't sum up and compare someone's happiness to another. These things are feelings, they are abstract, you can't compare them, but you can understand and at most imagine part of what others felt.
I've read about a lot of suffering here, but only few reviews that talk about hope. The world is a dark place, my friends- we made it like that, but never forget that it can also be a beautiful place, full of hope, a place where dreams do get realized - and we can make it like that also. We have the power, it is our world, hate it no more, hate each other no more, try and see beyond your little differences or preconceptions. My friends...dream big, feel with your heart, help where you can and you won't feel alone, because as the most basic of human needs is to be loved, if you love and give love, you will receive love in return. Don't lose hope, stay strong and keep your heads up everyone!
The sky might be gray, but remember you can Always find it - that something, that's in this song, that's in a child's laughter, that's in the sunrise, that's.. inside yourself, because i know that everyone that wrote here has a heart, a strong heart, a heart that might have been broken and stepped on, but don't forget it's still beating, still feeling... Don't lose it, use it as much as you can still. Show that you can, show that you're strong, show that you can love even though you are hurt, because who the end perhaps you will end up being the One that gives hope to others who also need it, and are looking for a friend, as they will find a friend in you, and you would have found a friend in them.

Reality | Reviewer: TRAP | 11/20/08

This is some real shit right here. It reflects on me because of my habitual X, yay, and bud usage and slangin... I quit doing all that shit a few months back, but Im still caught in the mix of shit slangin and whatnot. I dont really care about what I do all that much, but it gets lonely as fuck when you doin shit and people hate you for it. I feel lost, trapped, yet I continue to do the same shit, and there is no one else to blame but myself.

hurt | Reviewer: candy | 11/20/08

i loved this song so much coz i had realy bad life with ma family ma dad cheathing mom and hit us and ma mom hurt me with her words >>>i just speend ma day at the bed cryig all day [[even wen ma leg got broken i went 2 the hospital by my on [[[am just hurt>>and need new life

A Different Story | Reviewer: Stacy | 11/19/08

I know this is going to sound weird... but I actually played this song last summer as I walked down the aisle at my wedding.

It kind of represented, for me, the painful, yet amazing journey that I've been on over the last 7 years and the way my relationship has paralleled that journey.

I don't expect that my life or my relationship are ever going to be pain free; I just want to know that my partner is going to be there to hold me, wrap me up, warm me up and be my friend when I need him to. And that's who he's been for me this whole time.

I didn't shed a tear at my wedding, but now everytime I listen to this song I cry.

I'm a high school teacher and we're doing a unit on poetry, I told all the kids to bring in the lyrics from their favorite songs. I'm going to print these lyrics out, give them copies and have them read it and try to figure out what it means to them.

I'm pretty excited to see what they get out of it.

breathe me. | Reviewer: dev | 11/13/08

I've been through alot, like most of you, in my life. Depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and pain. I suffered from a spinal injury after 4 years of competitive running. I had so many horrible drug interactions between my Prozac and my pain scrips. I hallucinated, I had migraines, and I had seizures. To be a straightedge teenager and hallucinate is pretty traumatic.

I was hospitalized in a childrens psych ward for a week, because one of my hallucinations brought me to try and cut my leg open because I thought I had bugs in me. I used anything in reach, pocket knife, Venus razor in my gym bag, my fingernails.

I sang this song to myself at the hospital one day, but thought nothing of it.

I remember that now, and I think it through.
"help i have fallen again".
"i am small, i am needy".

this song helped me realize that this was my own fault. that i was the one who pushed myself too hard out on the trails, that i didnt recognize my limits. that i didnt stop when it kept hurting. that i didnt notice the signs that it was trouble. it helped me realize it was my own fault i was on antidepressants and that i shouldnt wallow in self pity. i thought my
passion had be gutted with a knife, and i was being selfish and whiney. it was my fault i didnt read the drug warnings carefully enough.

this song can hurt, but make you realize things.
this song can hold you, even though it wont actually make you ok.
this song made me stronger.

great song | Reviewer: jessica | 11/10/08

i think this song has a lot of meanings for different people but for me its relates to my addiction to drugs and how you hurt your self over and over and have no one to blame but myself its crazy cause everytime i hear this song it brings back a lot of memories and most always brings tears to my eyes its a great song

So many of the same... | Reviewer: Jessica | 11/4/08

Im am reading all the comments and finally feel like i'm not the only one, I absolutely adore this song, but it makes me think of all the time I have hurt myself... I feel as my depression/anxiety has taken over my life and I'm finally trying to regain it. It's had my life so long and i thought no one understood, but reading this makes me feel not alone. Thank you sia for this amazing song, and keep strong everyone , your not alone. Does anyone know good support groups, haven't been able to find one??

Not Fair | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

I feel this song represents everyone in their own way and that’s why it’s great. I first heard it at the end of six feet under and loved it! But when tragedy struck my family and my aunt shot a man and then herself it defiantly changed me and now I hear this song and feel nothing but sadness… I feel it represents the loneliness and despair that my aunt might had felt in the final moments in the stair well of that church when she stuck the barrel of the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. I cry every time I hear this song and if feel sick because there wasn’t no one there for her but like the song says and, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame. Then I think she then turn to god and ask Be my friend Hold me, wrap me up Unfold me I am small and needy Warm me up And breathe me… I just hope he answered.

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