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Performed by Sia

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grey's anatomy | Reviewer: Blaique | 8/24/07

i was watching a recap of moments from grey's anatomy season three on youtube, and they played this song. my dream is to go on so you think you can dance, and i want to audition to this song.

Gotta luv this song | Reviewer: Isabel | 8/22/07

Omg this songg is soooo cutee i heard it for the first time in "the hills" (mtv)
soo yeahh i liked it sincee!!

AmAZinG | Reviewer: vladi | 8/20/07

Wow.. this song is soo amazing, I remember the first time i heard it on was the show called ''6 FT UNDER'' my friend would always tell me ''WATCH THE SHOW IS REALLY REALLY GREAT'' as i sat there watching it .. i stumble on this song at the end .. Which happend to be the last episode for the show. As Claire is leaving her town.. moving off to college and driving off the songs starts to play.

Anyways this soong is bad ass. I recomend everyone to listen to it,cuz once you do you will be hooked!!

New Noise | Reviewer: Rii | 8/18/07

I heard this song about a month ago on a freebe CD, New Noise 12, that I got when I bought the new FOB CD. I'm in awe over her voice and the feeling behind her words. I think the only band that I've ever heard that could match her in feeling and the ability to convey a message is the Japanese rock band Dir en Gray. Check 'em out if you liked Sia's 'Breath Me'.

true. | Reviewer: Nicki | 8/16/07

this is so true on my part because this is how my life is everyday but it feels like i ahve no one there to really talk to me but this song jsut really conects to me in such a marvolas way that i will enver forget it.

Wicked Awesome | Reviewer: Natalie | 8/15/07

Honestly, this song is literally unforgetable. I heard it for the first time, maybe a 4 months ago. (Youtube, a music video for the movie 'Speak') Then, lately, i heard it again on Post Secret, and i knew i had heard it before. So i found it. Lyrics are so simple, and it's quite the piece of music. Bravo!

sad but good | Reviewer: Jerry | 8/14/07

I heard this on post secret too and the song is really good. the video was sad too..but i have it on my myspace now.

My views | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

This song is too amazing for words.
I ind myself sitting here listening non-stop. It's amazing. The lyrics the melody, everything. You can't help but get swept up in it.

This song, makes me feel infinite.

Breathe Me | Reviewer: Catt | 8/14/07

this song is amazing. i'm going through a rough break up and i just feel this song so much. as sad as this song is, it gives me hope.

post secret | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/12/07

I just heard this song on post secret an i instantly fell in love with it.. post secret is also a great site go to it!

about the song breathe me preformed by sia | Reviewer: shelby | 8/12/07

as i sit here and listen to this song it makes me feel so helpless and makes me feel like i cant help anyone who feels this way like me. as i sit here on the edge of crying it just makes me think why do i feel this way.... i love this song from the hills and the background music on a video on you tube about veronica mars.

omg | Reviewer: lifes a bitch | 8/11/07

i love this song my friend did a dance to it with ballons it was so moveing omg like everyone was crying i love how the song ends

LoVe It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

If anyone is a fan of v mars and logan echolls there is an awesome video with this song as the background music on you tube. This girls voice blows me away and this song is absolutely amazing

at a loss | Reviewer: jules | 8/8/07

her voice is quite moving. no one could possibly have felt nothing after hearing this song.

Delicate Agony... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

My boyfriend is leaving for america for four years in eight days and today he told me to listen to this song.... it tells our story. i knew he was going away when i got involved with him, and now i am practically in love and hurting and its true that theres no one to blame for that but myself. i hope when he's gone he listens to this song and thinks of me because i know ill be thinking of him - this song is beautiful and painful and delicate. i love it.

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