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Performed by Sia

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truthfulness | Reviewer: thinker | 7/3/08

i found this song on a profile on a bebo of a girl whos mum had died. it quoted i miss you so much mummy forever and always. currently my mum is ill and this song is kind of on repeat. but throughout the bad times lets just say this song is spectacular, lyrically and physically beautiful. with everytime you listen you imagine your life to this soundtrack, i adore this song it has never helped me or pointed me in the right direction. however it is a song that which forever plays in my mind wether i feel sad, humored or in need of a song that uplifts me.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Amy | 6/30/08

This song is so beautiful to listen to, as well as a comfort in difficult times. It offers such warm vocals and soothing string accompaniment, it really has helped me walk through my troubles, and it is my inspiration to become the musician I always wanted to be, just like Sia.

amazing. | Reviewer: r.m. | 5/31/08

i love this so so much because i had this depressed moment i listened to this song and it felt like the song was telling me exactly what i was feeling right there in my ear. it puts me into my own world where i feel safe. and unalone. ironic...

Amazing | Reviewer: skidoo | 6/6/08

If you wanna listen to the best cover so far of this song (imho it tops the original) here it is:
Check it out, and if you don't cry, it means your heart is made of stone. Btw, the girl singing (anahy) is french and is a contestant in French Idol '08. She's only 17!!!!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Stevie | 5/14/08

This is a wonderful song. The first time I heard it I just sat on my own in my room and cried.

It's just so... real? Is that the word? Oh I don't know. "Effing good" doesn't seem to quite do it justice re: sensitivity and all that!

amazing. | Reviewer: cecilia | 4/20/08

I am actually serious when I say this.

This song changed my perspective of life.
and I know, it's pretty big to say something like that, but it is true.

The music in this, unfolds different these types of emotions.
the mix of this classical violins and the graceful piano, shows you in you're mind, a different light.
not a religious light, but a spritual light.
this has nothing to do with religion at all.
but more of a, there is something amazing out there and we should search for it before our time is up.

I have no idea what these words will mean to anyone, whether or not anyone will listen to my blabering on, but if either you go on her myspace or download this song.
I am sure you will feel something for this wonderful, meaningful music.

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

wow, i love this song so much. it has helped me a while ago and still is currently. Sia is absolutely amazing. In my dance class, we're doing our recital performence with this song. I'm so happy my dance teacher picked it, it saved my life !

<3 | Reviewer: boody. | 4/2/08

yet i struggled to understand what she was saying, i now realized.

she sang about what she felt at the time & what im feeling now.

thing sing puts me to sleep.
and will wake me up.

its makes me strong.
yet makes me weak.

makes me think.
but makes me want to let go.

thank you, sia.

amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/08

Wow! The lyrics are full of meaning and sadness. A good kind of sadness. I've played this song like 100x. I can't get tired of it. The instruments in this song are played wonderfully. This song touches my heart & it makes me feel sad, yet happy to feel sad.

amazing | Reviewer: SMAC | 3/20/08

I heard this song ages ago but i didnt know who was the singer or the name of the song and i was looking for it until i finally did today. I heard it ramdonly and i loved cause now i've discovered who sang this. I totally love it i am currently listening and i feel so identified by the words in this song. It's so beautiful and now that i am feeling lonely, and singing it makes me feel so much better

outspoken | Reviewer: Bri.Jerv. | 3/6/08

This song is so amazing. It actually brings tears to my eyes. The words behind this poetic song is so touching. It tells you how she has taken alittle bit of wrong paths in her life.. But yet still trying to reach out, looking for a hand, for someone to care. This so is wonderful. I love it.. Sia is amazing

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/08

I have no words.. sometimes i cry, sometimes it makes me feel all right.. i love this song in all the senses. This woman is incredible, her songs, her lyrics, they are so beautiful that i regret not being heard about her a long time ago ...

Look into the words... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/08

This song is absolutely girlfriend and I are absolutely in love with it...believe it or not this song is very uplifting...she's admitting her flaws and confronting them face takes a strong person to recognize, accept, and speak on their flaws but it takes an even bigger person to ask for help...this song is abt how she feels inside, the things she does to herself, and bcuz she feels so alone she's desperate for someone to care...yearning for someone to show her she matter, to show her she's as important as air (indirect similes n metaphors)...its abt her being ready to break through the barriors of loneliness and self-destructive behavior...this is an absolutely awesome song!

break me save me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/08

this song is amazing. you really have no idea. this song breaks you down and builds you up. my dance teacher made a dance to this, there were about 14 girls in this dance... wearing our biggest weaknesses painted on the backs of our shirts, it's like we can't do anything about our imperfections, and it's about acceptance, and being there for people. but most of all it's about being broken, and having people see us at our weakest moments was the most eye opening experience i have ever and probably will ever have. that we are who we are. we're never good enough to some, but to others, we are just enough.

hmm | Reviewer: CJL | 2/10/08

i suffer from depression and at my worst period i would only listen to this song. I would hurt myself while i listened to this song... i would cry while i listened to this song.... i would try to sleep listening to this song. It just summed up how i felt after i had just gone through a very traumatic experience. Its weird because almost everyone who has commented on this has said this song helped them. yet, i know for me it just made my sadness worse because i just fed off of the mirrored sadness in the song. Now whenever i hear it i automatically start crying!

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