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$|-|\/\/ß®€Ä|)...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jess!e | 11/15/2007

SHOWBREAD is my all-time favorite band, they're so good and i love them. also, josh dies is really hot. he got married last sunday and im so happy for him!!! im really looking forward to his solo album, and i already have enough money saved up for it even though it doesnt come out for a while. theyre so good and cute and i love them. its so cool how they always wore the blacka nd red to match their No Sir album,a nd then they switched to their safari outfits for Age of Reptiles...! theyre coming out with a new cd, two, actually, next march of april, and it is going to be AWESOME. its two different cd's that each have one half of a story in them, and theres 12 songs on each of them. they come out on the same day, and the songs will act as a soundtrack for the story. i really really have no idea what the story will be about, but if its written by showbread, i have no doubt that i won't love it. i think all theyre songs are really well written and im kinda obsessed with them (if you havent already noticed) they ARE a christian band, even though they are sorta screamo (not saying that thats a bad thing, i SO like screamo, not even kidding...), but i dont think theres anything in the bible that says you arent allowed to scream in a song about god (dont quote me on that), so theres nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. i completely fell in love with them as soon as i heard them, and when you read their lyrics, you like them even better. Josh Dies is also really inspiring, hes coming out with a solo album PLUS he wrote a BOOK. hes so accomplished, and i love him. !! not in a creepy stalker-y way, though. seriously. no matter what people or their fans say, they are so dedicated to spreading their word about christianity. even their old stuff is good, you should definately check them out! i havent seen them live yet, but ive heard from my sister and my friends and seen videos so im confident that they arent fake in any way at all. you probably think im stupid for writing this, but ok maybe i am considering i dont know you, but at least i got my word out. i also like other bands, ok? im healthy. like you care. hah.anyway, showbread is good and hottttt and everything that you arent! haha just kidding. heh. well, bye. im supposed to be doing homework, but showbread is wayy more important. DUH. well bye again. im bored, ok? leave me alone. ok im seriously gonna stop typing now...BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHOWBREAD!!!! | Reviewer: Garrett Smalley | 2/11/2007

hey if you guys havent heard much of them i suggest listing to more...and go see their show i just seen them for the first time was simply amazing.....God Bless...and may Raw Rock kill you forever and ever AMEN!

AMAZING | Reviewer: Jess | 10/20/2006

This band is amazing no album sounding the same as the last yet still captivating. They have great lyrics and awesome metaphors. If you havent heard showbread do it now and you will be hooked. Lyrics running through your head, rocking out in your room, or car! they are addictive!

pure RAW ROCK!!
Long live showbread!

Raw Rock Kills!! | Reviewer: Chelsea | 5/19/2005

If anyone is questioning whether or not to check out showbread... do it! They are amazing and they have so much talent. Their music is inexplicable but my closest try is like punk, screamo, garage rock, industrial and so much more. I love them!!

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