Actually, | Reviewer: Fallen | 7/5/10

Ithink it's about a guy who lost his kid. Look at the "man I'm gettingolder" line. Parents usually say this after a milestone or acheivement of their children: the four leaf clover, that theycan read.

The crow chasing the butterfly represent the inevitablity of death. What a sad song.

phenominal | Reviewer: lost and dazed | 6/16/10

I was listening to this song today and it hit me of how that a relationship I had ended.

I was with this girl and we were simply great together. We were both amazingly high on emotions.

Then a few days before my birthday she broke up with me. I was kinda upset and I even tried to chase after it.

I still am, but I realized that I'm just losing time tailing after her.

I might still love her, but like a crow chasing a butterfly,

I'll never catch her.

my fav song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/10

i think this song is about a couple that get high together and she dies. the crow and the butterfly are him chasing her. i think time has passed since the death, that's why he's putting her things away and painting over the past. he's trying to live on but thinks of her all the time. it's very sad

Tear Drops The Eye | Reviewer: Rio | 6/5/10

I think the song is about losing a lover, but maybe about his grandmother in the end except for getting high as outer I dont think he got high with his gm but who knows. In any case, its about love and loss. SHINEDOWN brings out strong emotions in many of their songs. They fuckin' rock!

The Crow and the Butterfly | Reviewer: Ymir | 5/20/10

for those of you that dont know, in the chorus the reason why its the crow chasing the butterfly is because the crow is a large bird of prey, can get anything he wants, but the one thing it cant get is a butterfly, one of the most delicate of things out there, this song is about many things

Song is awesom! | Reviewer: Dre | 5/9/10

This song i so cool and so awesome when they play it live. By the way your lyrics are wrong. Just one word though. When he sings its not skies he just says sky. Just don't want your lyrics to be wrong ya know :)

What the songs mean. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

This song is about a mother losing her child. Burning bright is for his grandmother who wrote the lyrics as a poem, If You Only Knew is for his son, and What A Shame is about his uncle who died of cancer while the band was in studio for The Sound of Madness Album.

At the concert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

I have seen these guys several times in concert and I have to agree with the reviewer who said this is about his grandmother. He goes into detail for the intro to this song. Apparently his grandmother was a great influence on him and they were very close. She died and this was one of his ways of dealing with it and honoring her. Great band, heart wrenching song when he does it live, great album.

the song is about... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

Ok so this song is about his grandma and she passed away recently and he wrote this song for her if im not mistaken because i went to shinedown's concert tonight and he told us the story and then sung this song.

the crow and the butter fly | Reviewer: matthew | 10/6/09

lol you guys got the lyrics wrong. i bought the cd, which came with lyrics for each song. here are some corrections:there is no and before wrapped in line 7, and in line 7 it's actually dandelions lost in the summer sky. there are probably more corrections so i wouldn't go by this page.