... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/10

I don't think it matters much what exactly the song is about. In many or most cases, an artist will write to express their own emotion and hope it reaches and touches someone.
To me it speaks of a bad break up, but mainly because I have recently experienced this.
Either way, shinedown's lyrics are all amazing and they deserve some serious appreciation.

i love this song | Reviewer: margaret | 8/2/10

i first heard this song today and it made me break down. 2 years ago i lost my cousin and best friend to shooting heroin and i never knew that now almost exactly two years later id be addicted to shooting heroin with my boyfriend. this song has a strong meaning to me because as he was getting high he died and to me this explains what happened to him..and what will happen to me if i dont stop....im trying so freaking hard to stop but i cant and im fighting the devil alone. im a 22 year old preppy looking blonde and u would never know on the outside the demons i fight on the inside. no one knows what i do and its the worst thing ive ever had to conquer in my entire life....

Absolutely Fantastic!! | Reviewer: Chad | 8/3/10

This is the platinum of all their songs. All their songs are awesome but this particular one is the one that sends the chills down your spine and grabs your heart. This is a song anyone can relate to. It's incredible!!!

The crow and the butterfly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/10

This song is about a mother who lost her son and she is trying to get over his death. The getting high as outerspace part represents them being happy together and it also talks about the son's lullabies.

shindown on top of the emotion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

i think that shinedown is an awesome band and their new song the crow and the butterfly is filled with emotion and to me emotion is one of the most important roles that play in a song and man they really know haow to sing plus they know how to look good in black.

lovely bones | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

At first, I had no idea what this song was all about. After rereading the lyrics several times, I think I get it. It's about the reactions one goes through after one's death. Let's suppose a father lost his son. In the beginning, the father took everything of his dead son's belongings off the room. I know someone died
"I took all your pictures off the wall
And wrapped them in a newspaper blanket"
says that.
The chorus describes how that hit him; a flashback of the father in a father-son relationship and the father being too late in saving his son.
Afterwards, the father gets all these illusions of his son and how it's killing him.
"Your words still serenade me
Your lullabies won't let me sleep
I've never heard such a haunting melody
Oh, it's killing me
You know I can barely breathe"
It's pretty sad. It kind of reminds me of the movie "the lovely bones" in some way.

My brother | Reviewer: kodey | 7/19/10

This song reminds me of my brother. My brother and I are very very close. Two years ago, he got himself into trouble with the feds and got sentenced to 12yrs in prison for marijauna. I miss him so much and this is me everyday missing him. I love you Karey woolsey and will see you again in 2019. Dont take your loved ones for granted, they could be gone the next day.

awesomesauce song :D | Reviewer: jessejuggalette | 7/14/10

ich liebe this song! <3 ich bin drawing a puc fur it right now, actually.. btw anyone know what type of butterfly it is..? id like to know so ich can make meir pic as accurate as possible :D

but the song.. it's really sad and it reminds me of the one's ive lost, unt the things ive had to put away cause seeing them brought too much pain..

Loss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/10

When I first heard the song, I immediately thought it was about the loss of a friend. So I can see how it would be about his Grandma. Except the getting high part, which could mean something else. Just like having a good time, and being happy together.

Song | Reviewer: Jonathan | 7/9/10

I love this song, what a shame, and call me are my faves though.

Okay, to me this song is about chasing a lover who broke up with you, or passed away. The crow represent the sufferer chasing the lost lover. And the sufferer chases the lover but can never catch them.