what its about | Reviewer: Zack | 9/1/09

Its about a mother who loses a child. Its inspired from a dream that he had. Pretty much the saddest song I have heard in my life. It makes me choke up when I hear it. They have a way of painting an image in ur head in everyone of their songs.

Love it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

I think its about someone close to him dying. Like in the first part of the song, with the room and pictures, you know how some people, when someone dies, they will leave the room just like they had left it. Or some people change it and put everything up because it hurts to look at it. Maybe someone young. And he didn't think they'd slip away and die that unexpectedly. If any of that makes sense lol.

Naturally a favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

(I found Shinedown through second chance,but this is by far my favorite Shinedown song) The great thing about Shinedown is that there is confusion in what they sing about, but it still paints a wonderful image (what the heck's with the murder though O.o) I agree with many others, this is about a relationship that failed, but what all the other images (i.e. pictures being covered up, the room being changed) are a symbol of him trying to forget her. "Books" are commonly used as memory references anyway. The four leaf clover and the dandelion reference probably does have to do with a nice memory in the field, maybe where they met or where they final tied the knot (though it wasn't a permanent knot obviously) Now whether the girl died or left him is the only thing I don't know. I think died if only for the line about a haunted melody~! Of course you can ignore my input, I tend to be a bit crazy anyway

Amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/09

great song i think it is about a messed up relationship, the four leaf clover is about the chance of them getting back together, and hes painting and putting away pictures to forget about her, but whenever he dreams he thinks of him and her in the field

Crow and the Butterfly | Reviewer: Courtney | 3/24/09

I believe this song is about a guy who really loved this girl, but something happened, and they got separated. I don't really get how people thought that it is about someone singing to their child, cause it really don't make sense like that. But, it's an amazing song, and Shinedown rocks.

this song is perfect!!!! XD. | Reviewer: Isabella | 3/11/09

This song is personally in my top 20 . But I honestly don't think that he's singing about his daughter or son because most kids don't serenade their parents and join them while their getting high .
I think it's about a girl that he really loved and they somehow ended up seperated and he just can't live without her . Either way this song is friggin amazing ! ").

this song is perfect!!! XD | Reviewer: Isabella | 3/11/09

This song is derived from perfection. I love it so much,
well I guess I understand how you could of thought that he was singing about his child, but he's not. I mean I don't know about you but kids don't serenade their parents. I think he's singing about a girl he lost, whether she died or they just borke up, and he can't bear to live without her.

the crow and the butterfly | Reviewer: cassandra | 2/22/09

Clearly this song is about a man who murdered his lover. I mean he painted her room at midnight to cover up the blood. He's trying to forget her but he's still looking back on their relationship and what he's done.

Love and Regrets | Reviewer: Jesse Campbell | 1/25/09

To me, this song is clearly about a relationship he had with someone that he truly loved but had a see-saw like relationship with. He knows it was for the best but no matter how hard he tries, he just can't get over her. He sees his life passing him by as he tries to move on with his life.

Just heard it for th first time. | Reviewer: Missing | 1/17/09

I just caught on to the melody, then the lyrics I sought out just so I could know what was going on.

What I think is going on here... Is an unrequited love. He loves someone caught in another relationship perhaps?