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Performed by Shinedown

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greatest cover | Reviewer: Alan | 12/2/04

this has to be the best cover i have heard in a long time. i din't know anyone could take such a beautiful song and make it more beautiful than it already was. this song has touched my heart and now everytime i hear it i just want to turn it up as oad as i can and try to sing like him. he has a great voice and the guitar is just as great sounding as he is.

meaningful | Reviewer: Renee | 11/15/04

this song will touch you in a way you can't explain,the words and music goes down through your spine...anyone who listens to it will get this same reaction...

Great cover | Reviewer: Kalos | 8/8/04

The lead singer captures all of Van Zandt's emotion and intonation in this cover of one of the classics from the 70's.

Dunno | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/3/04

This is the coolest song I've heard in awhile in the rock n roll category. It has meaning, I mean, all of them have meaning, but this one is a kind of real life, non-angry, rock song. I think songs like this should be sung more often.

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