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A change will do you good | Reviewer: Gary | 8/24/13

A change will do you good is a song that is so good and never tire of and the lyrics are so good and catchy this song is so good it even elevated my mood,I just like your style of song writing and the great songs you have written such as soak up the sun and tomorrow never dies.

The Chosen Few | Reviewer: Kevin | 10/29/11

You may never read this Sheryl, but after watching that video "Fuel" and hearing your support I felt a real connection. Only I will feel it ever unfortunately, but it just felt strange is all. Almost like a soul connection. I`m not referring to religion or anything, but I do feel that we are all connected in some way.
I`ll leave you with the one statement that I believe will be the foundation for humanities harmony in the future. Pay close attention to the words that are capitalized
MAINTAIN humanity UNDER 500 million

The Chosen Few | Reviewer: Kevin | 10/29/11

In the book of parables and prophecies, YOU were foretold Sheryl
"And the first shall be last and the last first. For many shall be called but few chosen."
YOU were amongst the "chosen few" and you`ve been "called" upon.

Thank you. | Reviewer: Nicole | 2/24/11

Hi Cheryl. Your music has been a bit of a theme of my young adulthood. I always could relate to your music. You have an amazing god given talent and appreciate you sharing it with the world. Until recently I wasn't aware that our families were connected. I was visiting my grandfather (who was born and raised in Kennett) and happened to be listening to one of your songs. He said "oh you like lil' Cheryl?" Obviously I was confused. He explained to me that his mother (my great-grandmother) use to babysit you when you were little and you played with my aunt as a child. I was curious if you remembered the Skaggs family. I thought it was amazing how much your music touched me and to find out our families were connected. It truly is a small world. Keep up the great work. I look forward to listening to you for many years to come. :)

how about family canoe trip | Reviewer: andy | 7/23/10

hi sheryl, i take my 4 and 5 yr olds canoeing, om a ingle father, would love an extra orr'er . I want to thank you and your family for so much. My grandmother and grand father grew up in your neck of the woods. Ray family owned the local grocery store there in small town south of kennett. My grand mother has 100's of acres of farm land, and the farmer that has been farming the property tried to steal the property, thank goodness for your fathers law firm. The road to success has been a pretty bumpy ride, but that just makes all the good that much better. Anyway, if you find yourself in indiana and wouldnt mind canoeing, my kids and i would enjoy the day . Theres a real nice state park that has 7 different lakes we could canoe with channels.i hope you have a great life and enjoy raising your kids, i know i have, rather be dirt poor and enjoy time spent then being rich and thoughtless. Andy

Kind of old fashioned | Reviewer: Mike | 7/20/10

listened to you on cable last night on the channel that sells stuff....saw you last with Pavoratti in concert. That one really blew me away. Your latest was okay. I am sorry the band overpowered your lyrics. I couldn't enjoy the lyrics. You are cool, girl.

kat | Reviewer: Kat | 7/5/10

sheryl i had heard of you before but i never really learned about you until i saw you at lilith fair. It was my first concert and i loved thanks for a really good performance your an awesome person.

Hi Sheryl | Reviewer: Aji | 5/13/10

Sheryl,i'm from Timor Leste,i just wanted to say my husband is musician he realy like your song, Tittle is (if it makes you happy & Tulsa time,,,so he asked me sing that song for the 20 of May in indenpendent day,,,,(big Festival in Timor Leste )we miss you,we are big fan of you.....send me by this Email

Hi Sheryl | Reviewer: Aji | 5/13/10

Sheryl,i'm from Timor Leste,i just wanted to say my husband is musician he realy like your song, Tittle is (if it makes you happy & Tulsa time,,,so he asked me sing that song for the 20 of May in indenpendent day,,,,(big Festival in Timor Leste )we miss you,we are big fan of you.....

Awsome | Reviewer: Jen | 4/21/09

You are so awsome. I love your songs and i could have sworn i saw you in target the other day. Oh well. Any way I am so glad that you do all this charity work for people and you did the stand up to cancer thing with a few other celebrities. I love you r songs also.

sheryl you are outstanding | Reviewer: theresa | 3/16/08

sheryl you have an amazing voice, i think you & bonnie raitt would be a perfect duet, and if you ever have met john prine i think you & john would
be a great duet, above all i love your attitude its women like you from the heart of usa like myself who stands strong for what they believe in,
may you continue to be successful & healthy,
your southern, IL fan proud to be an american

Your Awesome | Reviewer: Michaela | 2/17/08

Sheryl Crow at school we are having this activity called the wax museum and we had to pick a person from history and i picked you! I picked you because you have an amazing voice and my mom also loves your songs so keep up the good work and if you have any ideas for me to do for my project on you for the wax museum just e-mail me at!!!!! Thank you a whole lot bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

WE LOVE CHERIL | Reviewer: MIKE ALI JESS | 2/4/08


about me.title by carly brow. | Reviewer: carly brow | 9/30/07

hi every body im carly brow i dont think you guys ever heard of me im a famous gymnast. i play soccer to its nice doing a couple of sports. you kids can start being a fan of mine. if you want to read my comments go under carly brow then under the computer topics pick corbin bleu topixs to read my comments under corbin bleus i live in vermont my birthday is on may 12th year 1998. be good in school . A FEW TIPS KIDS IF YOU DO GYMNASTICS ALWAYS HAVE YOUR GANDS BY YOUR EARS AND STAND UP STRAIGHT. IF YOU GO TO HIGHGATE SCHOOL YOU MIGHT GET MY AUTOGRAPH.

carly | Reviewer: carly brow | 8/19/07

hi sheryl my name is carly i always have wanted to meet you sense i was five and im 9 now and im still a big fan of your,s i have some of your cds i love your songs do you have any concerts in vermont because i live in vermont my cell phone number is 3704344 call me if your not busy.

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