underneath your clothes | Reviewer: Ime | 9/3/13

I just say that congratulation to you song,,,,cause I am very lyk it so much,& your boys also vry2 good,,, you are grateful cause god give you good boys....keyyy thnx I miss u...!!!! Ime
can you help me how to sing asong good boys????

Singing lessons | Reviewer: Kira | 3/4/10

Omg this is the best song ever! i am learning how to sing it properly as i have got singing lessons and i want to thank you for putting them on this website so i could copy and paste them and print them out!!! You have helped me so Thank You Very Much
Yours Faithfully
Kira x

magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: david obey mujayi | 11/14/08

I just cant explain how good this piece of music is.Its something that stands on its on.to shakira i can say you've the sexiest voice on earth....keep it up damsel looking forward to your new album if its coming any time soon

la lhang!!!! | Reviewer: aix david | 9/5/08

i lyk dis song vry much!!! actually dis song is,,, i heard it to my clasm8 wen we r singing in a videoke so wen she sang it i felt something, even though dis song is very high but i lyk it vry much!!! and the message of the song is vry lovely wat do i mean is very touchable song!!!

shakira | Reviewer: melissa_baybee | 12/6/07

i love this song as it shows emotion and i like the way she sings it
although she does sing through her nose her voice is unusually unique

Love | Reviewer: Betty | 11/20/07

Love this song its one of my all time favourites I love Shakiras voice and oh she is just amazing as is this song.

Good | Reviewer: Hamza | 8/30/07

I like this song too much
Firstly shakira's english song are Good and very fine 'cause her voice is too cute I guess
I'm lovin' her songs

Kinda.. | Reviewer: x Her x | 6/25/07

Its kinda good her song BUT it souds like she's holdingher nose right the way throught it! i can sing better than her without a doubt. =)

jus fab | Reviewer: XxshellxX | 3/28/07

i love this song it is jus fab i cant believe how gd it is n is 1 of my fav songs evef :)

Shakira fan in Aruba | Reviewer: J_SO | 2/28/07

Shakira my favorite female latin pop Star keep up the good work!!!! You deserve it.Because God create you to be this wonderful person on this wonderful earth....Many blessing in your career.
Love, Jane

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/06

i heart this song!!!! it is so good, and it shows off the uniqueness of shakira's voice, which is very rare! i <3 her!

this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/06

This song is good when Amy diamond sings it! But it isn´t good if shakira sings it!