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about u..... | Reviewer: monica trujillo | 6/5/07

well i would llike to know what inspire u to be a singer?

and aslo when did u started?

Hi | Reviewer: Savannah Samuels | 5/30/07

Shakira, you are my role model! In my opinion, you are extremely beautiful and talented. I wish i could be you. God loves you- no matter how horrible life may be, no matter what happens in life.Your song 'Objection' is my favorite- the music, words and all. You and Beyonce are my number 1 celebrities and the role models of my life- 'Beautiful Liar' is the best song anyone could sing. You and Bee are the main celebs my mom will let me listen to (this is very rare to happen). Feel priviliged- i do. The two of you should work together more often- it really mixes well! You have the greatest sense of style- especially in the songs listed above. The first song of yours that i heard of yours was 'Whenever, Wherever' and i was immediately taken to your music- it is so full of life and magic and love.Bye-Bye, Shakira! Spanish Rules!

I love her | Reviewer: estephanie | 5/29/07

I have all her cds. She is the best ever. I can't spend a day without at least saying her name. I LOOOOOOVE HEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello! ur a nang belly dancer | Reviewer: tansu | 5/26/07

i love u soooo much i hope i get 2 see u 1day in london and i wish i could bell dance lyk u!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You are the best | Reviewer: Sidera | 5/22/07

Shakira you are the best and i know you will always be the best plz come to hk also to perform. i know ypu will make the crowd go mad. you are my favourite dancer and singer although i asian i love you and i don't know but i have a feeling that i am a going to meet you some day and you will also know and remember me cause i am gonna be an acteress.thanx for the songs that you sing for us.

hey Shakira | Reviewer: Johnise | 5/22/07

hey girl i like yo new song so hit me back later i iiat

I love shakria | Reviewer: ashley conley | 5/19/07

heyy shakria i was just letting u know i love u so much u r my favorite person in the world i love u all of your songs engilsh and spanish music write back as soon as possible

my idol shakira ........... | Reviewer: Aishwarya | 5/18/07

SHAKIRA there are no words yet discovered to discribe this angle she is so charming , talented and so on but everyone says dat she is my favouirate but I say that she is my IDOL my goddess she has got every quality to be perfect when she was in mumbai I couldn't meet her but she was rocking as usual she is awesssssomee she is the best person I have ever seen I have a dreame to become like her and would love to meet her


shes the bomb | Reviewer: alejandra navia | 5/17/07

she is the best singer their is right now. she not only writes her own songs but she bust her own moves to her music! nobody at this moment is able to beat her in moves or singing. SHAKIRA IS THE BEST THING ALIVE, SHES THE BOMB!

jajajaa | Reviewer: danila | 5/16/07

Hola shakirita sacate un tema con fergy dale loquita te queremos jaja

luv her | Reviewer: hotstuff | 5/3/07

i luv her! i am 100% latina and i have 5 of her best CD's!! Viva Shakira! and she is not ugly so don't even say that!!
luv ya!

shakira is the best! | Reviewer: gabbi | 5/4/07

love shakira till the end she is sooo real and so mysterios!...i dont even have the words to say it!...she has made beautiful something we can all touch and feel!... she has made love learn its way out into the worrld! love you shakira! =)

peace homi g!

shakira | Reviewer: bree | 4/26/07

hi shakira my name is bree and i am your fan. when i was 6 years old i use to listen to your song whenever, wherever you looked soo pretty. i love u shakria.
love bree.oxox
p.s. i love your body and the way you move your hips.
wooo hooo sexy mumma.

AHHHHHHHHHHH! | Reviewer: Thalia | 4/25/07

well, personally i love shakira! i listen to her pretty much al the time. it just feels so right listening to her. its like im one with the music. it helps knowing how to belly dance so the music just blends in with your body. since i can belly dance, i just feel so alive and joyful dancing to songs like "suerte" "ojos asi" well i gotta go. love you shakira!!

beautiful | Reviewer: just me | 4/24/07

love love love that song and video "dont bother" shakira is so beautiful inside and out

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