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u're amazing | Reviewer: constance | 7/31/07

Hi Shakira,am from Ghana in weatafrica and i wld love to see u preform in my home land Ghana.I love ure music so much and i also love the way u shake ure waist,Gal u're good.I love uuuuuuuu...

shakira. i love shakirrrraaaaaaaaaaa | Reviewer: KRUPALI | 7/31/07

shakira is my favourite dancer,singer etc. she has so much talent . she is very lucky. i dream about her day & night. i wish i meet her once & tell her you are great , fantastic & tell that i love her very muchhh.i want to learn her dance. i am from india-mumbai-bombay-borivali.

you are amazing | Reviewer: nomai | 7/24/07

hey shakira1 how are you doing?i like your hips dont lie song and video. you rock my dear. keep on burning and boy i like your beautiful liar song with beyonce the shaking was cool. its sad i cannot attend any of your shows as iam in Africa where you dont ussualy host shows from.

Shakira when will u come 2 Puerto Rico | Reviewer: ShawnTito | 7/20/07

Hola Shakira how are u mami, u seem sexy in your videos & the way u sing makes me cyr & wanna get up & belly dance myself. U seem u have achieved everything as a young woman, I'm going 2 Puerto Rico 2 visit familia I was wondering if u can stop by whenever you're not touring in different cities.

Love your #1 fan ShawnTito (PapiChulo) Ramos

shakira | Reviewer: yonatan assefa | 7/15/07

shakira is the best singer.she is so beautiful.i love her so much.and she is so smartand kind.her album is so nice i like all the album.i like her dancing and shaking her the future i want to meet her face to you shakira;;;
forever and ever to the smarter singer(shakira)::::;

great artist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

on 09.07.2007, when Shakira gave her breath-taking and fascinating concert in Turkey, I was there.After then I've become one of her millions of fans. I listen to her songs everyday, morning and night, all day long. I think she is very very very talented. If you havent been to one of her concerts yet, please go and watch her--for yourself--you'll see what you had been missing.. she is so lovely, beautiful and shaky..oh the lyrics,,, they are extraordinarily influencing. Shakira, if you give a concert today, i'll go for it. if you give another tomorrow, i'll again be there and on and on. I will be pleased from each and every second of your are such an impressive singer/dancer/songwriter. good luck

Shakira | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/29/07

She is amazing and I love the song beutiful liar she did with Beyonce. I also love hips don't lie and I love her cd laundry shoot!

hi | Reviewer: pascal | 6/22/07

hi how are you today my name is pascal ilove to meet you sha pls you mail me at my email or call me +2348068310327 or +2348086129128 pls i love to be your friend god blees you amen mail

hi | Reviewer: letitia | 6/21/07

shakira i love you lots and i have listened to all you songs and love them all. i just wish i could meet you for 5 mins i love your accsent when your singing. have you ever really been hurt by a man you seem really upset in your songs about men i have to say my fav song of yours is dont bother xoxoxoxxo

indian fan | Reviewer: padmasree | 6/15/07

shakira,you are simply the best .you have a rare and a peculiar voice. your imagination is awesome.You dance so well it looks divine.

YOURE THE BEST | Reviewer: RAQUEL | 6/14/07



what songs and dances combined with given body | Reviewer: osman | 6/12/07

i love her so much that for oneday if i cant hear her sing i may gone crazy.i like her beautiful liar with beyonce,who is another wonder of the world.together they look like angels created for singing and dancing.i appreciate and admire her so much thati everyday beg god to meet her and to be able to shake her hands.thanks for taking consideration.

love u | Reviewer: nadine | 6/12/07

i love very much shakira muah i want to know about u more to make a project about u

sweety | Reviewer: georgewill dakoru | 6/11/07

i love sharkira so much,u no what am talking about the way she dance

simply the best | Reviewer: Perpetual Martin | 6/5/07

I am crazy for her songs specially objection... its really wonderful... She's got a lovely voice... wish u all the best

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