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Performed by Shakira

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No.. shakira fan | Reviewer: keyboard | 6/8/07

well shakira always sings peoples as she does same in this song.. its is so heart touchin.. lov it n lov shakira

Wow | Reviewer: Miss Blue Eyes | 4/23/07

I really love this song! Very much emotion put into it.

Saddest thing I have ever heard | Reviewer: weedeater | 4/9/07

The first time I heard this song it made my eyes tear up. I feel my heart break everytime I listen to this song. We all look for ourselves in songs and how we may relate. I think I've found mine. I speak no Spanish, a broken heart is universal and may be carried through our entire life...I'll let you know...

cool | Reviewer: trixy | 4/3/07

i think yhis song is realy nice I could sort of realate to this song and hope you like my comment

Pure heartwrenching agony! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/07

A beautiful song written by one of the most talented artists world wide. For those of you who don't know, she wrote this song after a bad breakup. When she was filming the video, the pain was so fresh, that those are actual tears that you see. Rare to see an artist expose their soul through song this way.

gave me goosebumps | Reviewer: maria | 11/16/06

i don't speak or understand spanish but the first time i heard this song it gave me goosebumps. you can tell what the song is about just by listening even if you do not understand the language. very touching and i think almost everyone can relate.

This song sucks. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/06

Another overrated Shakira song. Pa-leese. Yes, Shakira people do live with that much venom.

haunting melody | Reviewer: rw | 6/6/06

have still to hear the entire song. heard just a portion of it as a clip on the internet a long time ago, but it made a lasting impression on me. do not understand spanish and don't usually concetrate on lyrics, but whatever she was trying to convey seemed deeply felt and was truly beautifuly rendered.

emotion, pure simple and strong | Reviewer: Paula | 6/7/06

sometimes it's so dificult to live with a love traped inside you, not having someone to give it back to you... this music speaks right to the heart. the first time i heard it I was totaly addicted, now everytime i feel down, i just want to hear the pure force in the voice and lirics, it's so beatiful that it makes me cry everytime i hear it
thank you so much for this song that is healing on the soul and peasant for the heart!

no words | Reviewer: Lisa vd K | 4/28/06

I have no words for this song
I heard the song when I looked at the awards and I only heard a peace of it
But it touched me so much that I searched it on the internet
It makes me cry everytime I hear it, you really hear a part of her emotion en personality in it
beautiful, amazing song......

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