Roll Back to '77 | Reviewer: Loopnav | 5/16/12

Was lucky enough to catch the tail end of this (I was 8 in 1977)and had older friends who brought all of the records (singles and LP's) which they eventually gave to me and I still have !! Its great to still listen to the Pistols (all on CD now) and I'm pleased my two lads who are 13 and 11 love them too !!! Cant wait for God Save the Queen to be Number 1 this June 2012 - the Sex Pistols will live on forever

Sex Pistols live forever..! | Reviewer: sanne | 1/14/08

i agree with all the comments here.

i live in Holland but i luv them..they're great!
never saw them life {cause im only 13} wich is a shame, but they rule on cd's, dvd's & internet.

such a shame Sid Vicious died young. he was awesome.


Great Band, A Legend | Reviewer: Chris Vicious | 12/25/06

as teir manager said, the sex pistols did not really care about the money, they just wanted to fuck everything up.

it is a great band that truely was punk to the extreme.

one of the best bands ever to go down in history.

they live on...

FUCK yea! | Reviewer: Jeannette | 5/10/06

I might be from the US of A, but hey, who says I like it here? Plus, who the HELL wants bush as a prez? Sex Pistols will always rock hard and go down in history! ANARCHY!