NOT the Sex Pistols | Reviewer: Joan | 2/3/11

This is NOT a song by the Sex Pistols, is a song by The Ravers. Google it it's not so hard.
I hardly think Rotten could ever agree to sing something like this, and he probably hates this song. And the accent of the guy is notably AMERICAN. Not English, Rotten's (or Sid's, but specially Rotten's) accent is recognisable even if you're at the doors of hell.

NOT the Sex Pistols | Reviewer: Katie | 12/19/10

This is NOT a Sex Pistols song. The accent is similar to Johnny Rotten's, but that is NOT his voice. Other things to note:
1. Johnny Rotten hates the term "punk" and would have never used it like this.
2. If the Sex Pistols did record this, it would be all over the internet, and it would have COVER ART.
3. Again, the Sex Pistols wouldn't name-drop themselves in their own song.

The Sex Pistols?!!! | Reviewer: Wha? | 6/20/10

Oo the 'eck is this song by?! It can't be the Sex Pistols, man. Johnny sounds all like "aaaaaaa" and stuff...and this does NOT soun' like 'im...??!! This is just like "I Fought The Law"...Dead Kennedys, not the Sex Pistols....

NOT the Sex Pistols! | Reviewer: Zorba W. | 10/23/07

Where did you get the idea this is the Pistols? This is by the Ravers (later known as the Nails), an American band from Colorado. Singer sounds nothing like Johnny Rotten.

yay | Reviewer: Bell | 6/6/07

fuckin amazing song. oh and kirk, it is defoneitly sex pistols because you can tell in parts of the song its johnny rotten :P

Bah | Reviewer: Kirk | 1/18/06

This isn't a Sex Pistols song, it's by The Vandals

its the best at christmas | Reviewer: nikki | 12/18/05

the best song to listen to at christmas time go the sexpistols it is fuckin class