The Best | Reviewer: Matthew Andino | 8/31/12

Was there any song that Sid couldn't BUTCH'R the LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF!!!!!!!!!!? No? Well There you have it.
If you're one of those who think the vocals are off, FUCK OFF! Cause ya dont know a grain of sand about PUNK. The roar of the guitar, thump and clash of the drums with the scathing drone of careless vocal assualt back'd by a bumm'd bass and recording room of half lights, drunk'n stupors, damag'd amps, and hours of drawn out tir'ng dreary nights at aband'n'd studio sess'ons with endl'ss amouts of pr'ssur' and not a world's care about one bit of it.

Doing it YOUR WAY, That's PUNK ROCK, my Fri'ends.
That's the Sex Pistols. RIP Sid V. My Hero

CLASSIC | Reviewer: Alex | 6/30/07

Truly one of the greatest moments in Punk

Sid slaughtering Frankie's classic, a pitch unperfect rendition, complete with slaughtered cats , looting & brats.
What brilliant bastard suggested this song for the Pistols?

I have to read up on the 'Great rock & roll' swindle lol

Res In Peace Sid, Rest in Peace