SEXXY SEX PISTOLS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/2008

the fact of the matter is taht the Sex pistols weren't once of those bands that were like..Yeah wats that??.Skatboarding is popular..lets write a song about that..They wrote songs from the heeart they stuck it to the man and thats true rock..Let the legend of sid and johnny live on..:D

One of the Great Rock Songs of All Time | Reviewer: Mickey Dean | 11/30/2007

The great Rock N Roll swindle was the press convincing as many people as possible that the Sex Pistols were an untalented publicity stunt whereas now many people who have actually listened to their album are finding out they were amazing.
John Lydon was recently asked in a magazine interview what would be the legacy of the Sex Pistols; without hesitation he said: "Our Album". When
it's as good as Never Mind The Bollocks one is all you need.

Jonny Rotten | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/2007

"you don't right a song like god save the queen cause you hate the english race you right it because you love 'em and you're fed up with them being mistreated" - Jonny Rotten

Punk | Reviewer: blackmanok | 10/25/2007

the sex pistols really was the embodiment of what punk was all about

i love this band! and this song!

Pure Anarchy! | Reviewer: Chris | 5/14/2007

This song highlights the whole era. It pushes the barriers, and sums up life at the time. One of the greatest bands of all time.

And I wasnt even born at the time.

God save History! | Reviewer: watch me bollock! | 3/8/2007

Arguably punk's finest moment.

Don't be told what you want and don't be told what you need, do your own thing cause, as it seems right now, there is NO future for you.

The essential message of punk, isn't it??