Belsen Revisited | Reviewer: Me | 11/1/13

if you know the 'REAL' history of what happened, and i see that a couple of people here do, then you will understand the words.
if you learn who is really free, and who are not, that is a huge help also. hint - you would have to be free, to work in the music industry. this world is not what you think, as Mr. Lydon has been trying to point out for many years.

and if you understand the 'cut up' technique, used in Rock & Roll lyrics,
(sometimes used with a single word that is two dimensional, sometimes a phrase) that is the key to unlock the focus point of the writers. most listeners do not understand this yet. i say wake up and you will learn about your world.
and as predicted, tv shows are now popping up to say that this is all bull and confuse the masses once again.

i easily agree with those here who recognize the goal was for creating a free people and jewish state, and the Pistols seem to be the only band i can find, to point out the truth. hence, many of the bands' troubles continuing on, but they wanted truth,
among an industry of deception.

the only real band i ever heard.

wake up people.

Have some background research | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/11

Not all punk bands have anti-racist ideologies. There were skinhead punks who were racists. And Swastika is an ancient Buddhist symbol for peace. Get a research done before you comment on this song and blame Sex Pistols for racism.

... | Reviewer: mike | 3/13/11

for everyone who thinks that this song is showing support to the nazis, you must not know much about punks. punks hate nazis. they aren't saying that they're good. learn your shit if you're gonna listen to punk music

Brilliant | Reviewer: rickey roma | 6/30/10

the lyrics are brilliant. To me they are a reflection of how horrific and sick real life can be. People are complaining about lyrics...words...jeez this stuff really happened...the reality of it is what is sick, the lyrics are exposing this sickness

..the fact that the Germans made them send post cards home..."wish you were here" sick

I think the lines "be a man, kill yourself" is like saying...oh you think you're so tough killing innocent women and a man, kill yourself.

meanwhile at the same time the pistols were singing this, fleetwood mac was singing about flowers or some other hippie love shit.

belsen was a gas | Reviewer: bobster1690 | 6/8/10

the song talks about the real intentions of the nazis sending the jews to a their own jewish state in madagascar much like the isreali state we have now but the pistols with their wide and influential audience were used as tools to show that the holocaust happened the way allowed history says

Not Anti-Semetic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/09

I dont believe this is supporting the Nazi ideas. It says Be a man kill someone kill yourself be a man. that sounds like they were saying if you are going to kell someone kill yourself. Life is fun and i wish you were here. That is what some Jews were forced to right so that the Nazis could get their famalies easier.

BELSEN WAS A GAS ??? FUCKING RIGHT IT WAS !! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

My God - you sad sad bastards !! I take it that everyone so far is an American ??? Why are you trying to disect this song ?? It is EXACTLY what it says - BELSEN WAS A GAS !! John Lydon fucking HATED it - but Maclaren wanted shock. YES It IS ANTI JEW - it does SLAG OFF the camps. it says " FUCK YOU " to everybody - they are not proud of it now but at the time it was what was needed to get publicity.

Flowers of Romance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

Apparently this song was written by the Flowers of Romance, Vicious' band before the Pistols. Sid himself is reported to have been involved in writing this song. Despite wearing a swastika, which is in itself either a very cruel or very ignorant thing to do, Sid was most likely not anti-semitic, seeing his long-time girlfriend Nancy Spungen was herself an American Jew. Sid also once said in an interview that everything would be OK when there were "no more whites or blacks,' giving the impression that he was not racist. Vicious' wearing of the swastika was probably done as a thoughtless sand insensitive shock statement, but probably not out of any intention to cause hurt to Jewish people. Apparently, not the brightest of sparks, old Sid . . .

cruel ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/08

It could be either a really sucky joke or real anti-semitic 'cause I think "belsen" comes from bergen-belsen a concentration camp where many Jews died and pictures reveal the dead bodys pealed in masses , horrible , you don't believe me , google it " belsen" oh almost forgot there were gas chambers in this concentration camp so " belsen was a gas "

Its Up To You | Reviewer: Lewww | 8/23/08

This is the bets sex pistols song..
Jonny came from a multi-national area of Finsbury Park, so i doubt its against Jewish people, its the sex pistols for god sake.. of course they´re gonna be outragous.
Listen to religion by public image... its basically the same, just against Jesus Christ.

If you dont like the song then don´t bother listening to it, its all up to you.

The real message ... | Reviewer: Kenny | 12/7/07

I believe the real irony comes into play when you consider that the nazis used to play adverts for belson, calling it a paradise for jews who wish to leave Germany, and NOT be harmed. This song, I believe, is referencing those broadcasts.

lushhh! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

i love this song so much but i don't find it anti- semitism but i guess i can't talk coz im not jewish! i thought of wearing a swastika once (just for shock value mind) but after learning about the holocaust i felt like a shit for even thinking about wearing one! anyway love this song so much! and if you think it is anti-semitic then don't listen to it simple!

Shocking, yes. Anti-semitic, no. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/07

Even though Sid Vicious insisted on wearing a swastika t-shirt (for the shock value, combined with his own ignorance I suppose) I don't think that anti-semitism is what the Sex Pistols were going for here. The song is laced with sarcasm and irony - the Belsen was a "gas" pun, for example, along with the juxtaposition of mass graves and postcards with the message "Life is fun". The last lines of the song really says it all: "Be someone, kill someone, be a man kill yourself" - suggesting that the Nazis would have done the world a favor by simply offing themselves in the first place.

Song is not cruel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

This song may seem like it is anti-semeic but realy it is just black humer. Everybody knows that brits tell stupid horiible jokes, this is just one of them. I have many jewish friends who do not find this song ant-semitic at all. On of them thinks this is the best sex pistols song. Anyone who boycotts this songis missing out.

---buy the ticket, take the ride---

This song is cruel to Holocaust survivors | Reviewer: David | 9/15/07

This song is really anti-semitic. There are those who debate what anti-semitisim really is. Well this song is a good example. How pathetic creating a song and marketing it to the skinhead types. I will tell many of this song before they go to purchase one of your CD's