SfsF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

Every song you can listen to and feel the same emotion they feel soley based off the lyrics and music combo.

The band | Reviewer: X__Puffy__X | 6/5/07

The band iz like supper doooper hottness n does kick ass!!!! They r like one of my top favzzz!!!
WOOOOOOT go senses Fail!!! I cnt wait till they come 2 Adelaide!!! WOOOT WOOOT!!!

Heck yes! | Reviewer: amanda | 6/1/07

senses fail has to be one of the greatest band alive! from their sound of music to their screaming vocals makes them amazingly sweet!they have to be my favorite band considering thats all i ever listen to on my ipod. I can't wait to see them live maybe at this years WARPED TOUR! I LOVE SENSES FAIL! Thank you NEW JERSEY big props on this band!

HECK YES! | Reviewer: amanda | 6/1/07

senses fail has to be one of the greatest bands alive! from their mixture of music and their screaming lyrical vocals makes them amaznigly sweet! they are my favorite band their the only band i listen to on my ipod and i know all their lyrics. can't wait to actually see them live i give them big props thank you JERSEY!]

Senses Fail | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

Senses Fail is the best band ever! rly hope theyre coming to europe soooooooon

F yeah | Reviewer: John F | 5/9/07

Senses Fail is without a doubt my favorite band.
Thier music and lyrics are most definately moving and very deep. They are truely the most origional and straight forward musical artist that I have ever heard. They are definately one of the biggest inspirations as a guitarist in my band "Heartlight Blackout". They make me feel like if I try hard enough and keep playing what I love, that my band will definately make it to where we want it to go. And hopefully one day I will be able to share my music and influence people like Senses Fail has done.

this band is awesome | Reviewer: Maggot | 5/3/07

I completely love this band. The mixture of the two melodic voices and the screaming voice that are featured in some of the songs like Steven, freefall, the Irony, and bloody romance is just absolutely astonishing, this band has already started to take off and will only get bigger. Major props to New Jersey, for spawning these guys.

woOt ! | Reviewer: tasha !? | 2/18/07

yeah, so i just started to listen to senses fail but now ther about all i listen to, like literally ther like wikadd, they've gottah be the best band i've heard, and i listen to alot of bands, but yeah, ther awesome ! :)

Ahmaxzing!! | Reviewer: Kirsten. :] | 2/18/07

ROAARR!! SENSES FAIL is Ahmaxzing and i soooo LOVE them and AHHHH Mike is THEE best .:]

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: cortney | 10/30/06

i love senses fail!! they are so frickin boo yah awesome! if u dont like them ur crazy!