great band | Reviewer: Jay | 3/14/11

I first saw Senses Fail play in Minneapolis in early 2004, along with Rufio, Autopilot Off and Don't Look Down. It was a fantastic show. So much energy and stage presence. I have been a big fan of the band ever since, there are very few musicians out there these days that put as much passion into their music as these guys. Poignant lyrics, awesome guitar... the list goes on. Keep rocking guys, I look forward to more albums from you.

Senses fail | Reviewer: sy man | 2/16/11

I have been a huge fan of senses fail since i was 18/19 im now 24 and i am so so stoked there are coming over to the uk to play in bristol . there music really helps with my life and every girl problem to even coping with my family issues and even lossing my son its always been senses fail that have been there and also been a big influence on me in writing music too my favi song is also tattooed on my knuckles too ''sick or sane '' and if i see buddy i really want to thank him for every lyric hes wrote cos its all kept me alive to be honest so buddy if you read this before thanks man :)

i love senses fail!!!!! | Reviewer: theresa | 1/16/11

I've been going every year to watch them at this little club in allentown pa and im from jersey I love them that much! Their lyrics r sooo different and meaningful....I can't wait to hear buddys new album! U guys r awesome!!!!!!!!!!

King of Kings | Reviewer: Josh Dieterich | 9/15/10

My buddy Justin got me into this band like 4 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. From there lyrics to the instrumental play to the singing. Put all that together and you got talent. The screaming is so clean, the drumming, bassist to the lead. You guys will forever be in my life, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY. You guys have effected me in both those ways. LIVE FOREVER AND DREAMING WELL. YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!

"hi, Im Buddy Nielson and I'm friggin' awesome~!" | Reviewer: Katrina | 5/17/10

I can't believe that like none of my friends have heard of Senses Fail...
I must educate them
Its amazing how a band can have such meaningful but also sweet lyrics, especially "The Ground Folds" and "Dreaming A Reality"

One of the Most Iconic Rock Bands of all Time | Reviewer: Unnatural Brutality | 3/17/10

Brilliant . Utterly wonderful an iconic band . I could never have had any other favourite band . If only I could see them live ... Well , this was good for reading . I thoroughly enjoyed it , and I thought the quotes were awesome . Nielsen has really gotten himself , and his fellow band members real up top in the music world . Once again , great band , a great read too there .

R.J McGeough

Your Lyrics-- Is me! | Reviewer: Libertie | 7/3/09

Oh my gosh! I love Senses Fail! It is without no doubt my favorite band. Their music just moves me! I love it and can't get enough of it,, most of your lyrics matches my personality so much! It's so deep, and very inspirational!

badass | Reviewer: XxtootsiexX | 3/9/09

i love senses fail. my ex boyfriend got me listening to them and i love it. im really emotional and it helps me deal with my emotions. i hope they come to my town soon morrisonville, new york or plattsburgh,new york!!! :)

SF is the best | Reviewer: Tom | 11/22/07

I love senses fail, and a lot of people are right how you can just feel the emotion they have from the lyrics and ther music. i want them to come to chicago again soon, or even better my home town batavia!

you guys | Reviewer: emerie | 9/26/07

are amazing. you are one of my favorite bands. i cant say that im your biggest fan beause ive only been listening latly when my brother got me hook. like he does with most music but ive been listening long enough to know that you are amazing. im so inlove with you like sand to wet feet : ]