GREAT song | Reviewer: JT | 7/31/09

On that whole topic of emo & lookin the part, I'm black, I dress like I'm black, if I didn't open my mouth I talk like I had a brain you wouldn't think anything of me. I was such a good musician that I could have played my Ibanez EDB 405 professionally if there was better money in that field. But I chose to dedicate the rest of my life to the automotive industry. & in fact, I still prefer nu metal & hardcore over hip hop/ rap ANY DAY.

This song is a good eye opener to how short life really is. The emo/screamo thing REALLY helps get that point across. Great lyrics & metaphors. I like the riffs that are in the parts like the verses too.

Senses Fail is AMAZING

wicked | Reviewer: jakektown | 12/6/07

my favourite song of theirs. the overall sound of the track makes anyone want to follow along with it. rock the eff on

hotttt | Reviewer: Pia | 11/22/07

ughh this song makes my heart stops beating
i love senses fails screamo and everything
their singing..
and his shreik in the beginning of the song <33 :]