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Such a loss | Reviewer: Kennedie<3 | 10/10/11

I was only 7 years old when Selena died. Since I first saw her movie in 1998.....Only God knows how many times i've watched it and listened to "dreaming of you" I really wish I had had the opportunity to meet her or to even go to one of her shows. Watching the movie I feel like I know her. She seemed like such an amazing person inside and out! I cant wait to meet her one day in heaven.

Selena | Reviewer: Donna Marie | 10/9/11

I was born 2 years after selena died, i love her music, she inspired me to be who i am, and not to hold back on my dream, shes my idol. I jst reasently watched the movie of her life for the millionth time, and i cryed like crazy! I love you selena! R.I.P!

you are an idol | Reviewer: Ruaa | 10/4/11

i used to watch your movie everyday when i was a little girl i used to wonder if i could achieve everything like you. i cried everytime close by the end/ because i thought you were the most prettiest lady i ever met. but then noticed Jennifer Lopez was playing your role. but even though you were not acting ... i really thought that i knew you . i love you selena :) you really are in a safer place.

My favorite singer | Reviewer: Rikki | 10/6/11

i was born when she died and i will miss her alot and i love her cds that she has out now.i also have her movie what have happend to her and how she grew up.selena was my favorite fan and she will always be rememberd no matter you selena perez.

I will be dreaming of you tonight(; | Reviewer: Kirsten | 10/4/11

selena you will be missed by so many people, your gone but not forgtten, you inspire me to be who I really am, dont hold back your dreams, and if you wanna sing get in front of a croud of people and show who you really are to sing your heart out never give up and to allways be your self, I have wached that movie god knows how many times it never gets old you voice never gets old, I sing alot of your music and hope to sing one day miss and love you, im 12 starting where you did I turn 13 in a week and three days I sing at weddings and talent shows and plan to be a star and shine as bright as you did, see you one day love y ou xoxoxoxo(;

I love u selena | Reviewer: Michelle Feraro | 10/2/11

I was 12 years old when she was murdered. This day my grandfather had past so it hit very hard. I have almost all her songs and cd's as well as the movie of her life done by jennifer lopez. I love them all and one day it is my dream to be a designer as she was and will always be. My daughter loves her music as well and even sings and dances to the songs. She is and always will be in my heart and will always be one of my #1 idols always and forever!

my condolences | Reviewer: tyeisha alexander | 9/22/11

omg selena was my idol when i was little. as a child i used to sit up nd listen to her music all the time. my fav song was dreaming...selena you will be forever missed r.i.p see you when we get there. </3

i will miss you and love you forever selena | Reviewer: Irene | 9/20/11

Selena was the best most beautiful women in the world and wish that she was still here her songs are the best.I also love it that she could design her own cloths.Selena you will be my inspiration my idol and i would love you no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REST IN PEACE SELENA PEREZ!!! | Reviewer: Matthew Shunney | 9/17/11

Omg I don't know where to start with this!.. :(( growing up as a little kid in america the united states, I sadily did not know there was a talented beautiful selena perez!! I was probably about 18yrs old when I saw your movie on the t.v. I was very sad!! Because I wished that I knew you or of you when u were alive as a kid!. I was sad because I still to this day wish I could see you and wish that u were still alive!! As I watched your movie it was the first movie that ever made me cry!!!! I saw how close and dedicated to ur fans u were!! It made me fell in love with you as a great singer and talented performer!! Everytime I loose hope I watch ur movie! Its very sad to watch such a beautiful young woman as urself die so very young and helpless. I get angry that I wasn't there when u were alive... I. Get angry and upset watching the end of the movie after the got u out of the motel and into the ambulance thinking to myself how the hell can someone like that do that to you!!!! Knowing what kind of great person and friend u were to yolanda!!!! You were so young!! Soo talented and your life was about to get even better!! How, and why would someone do that to you???!! I reaad ur biography's and I watch ur videos on youtube, I feel very inspired knowing know matter how tough life may get or be! As long as you follow your dreams and your heart anything is possible in life!!! Your movie taught me that!. :) I'm trying soo hard to follow my dream to become a flight attendant. That way one day when it comes true I will be able to visit your grave, and where u grew up. And leave a rose on ur grave to pay my respect to you!. I've always wanted to do that just so I could feel ur pressence. I'm not a stalker!!! I'M JUST A REALLY BIG FAN!! AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART SELENA PEREZ! You will always be loved by your fans and family!! Forever and always!! I love you! And hope to see you in heavin one day!!.

Biddi Biddi Bom Bom <3 | Reviewer: Alyssa | 9/14/11

I was born 3 years after Selena died but her music and memory will live forever in our hearts
I only saw the movie so I only saw a part of her kindness and humor but when it I might have been a baby so I thought it wasn't real but now when I see her die in then movie I am crying : (

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selena | Reviewer: Ashley Tate | 8/6/11

I was a selena before she die I rembered when my teacher said at school that selena had die and after finding out I cried because I miss her so much so one of my friends decide to have a candle light

i love selena | Reviewer: judith | 7/26/11

When Selena died i was 5 years old n i grown up without knowing that she was dead i love her music n sing everytime i feel like but i never knew that she died i think i didnt knew coz she was still hit in the wolrd n i didnt got a chance to knw that....but i felt bad when i discovery that she was died unexpected especially been murdered wih someone coz of money its still hurts me to know that she also died when she was still young n loved by many people...i feel pity on her family too especially her husband chriss Perez.....ohh God,,,,REST IN PEACE SELENA QUINTANILLA PEREZ

sara | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

you were a nice beatiful singer and everyone loved you and to bad that women killed you or you will be a happy singer by now and you would be happy with chris perez and you would have your dreams of having a farm and some beatiful babys we love uuuuuu....

Rest In Peace | Reviewer: Noela | 7/24/11

I'm 15 years old, African American & Hispanic. I was going through some old movies in my attic & found one about you. I watched it & omg, it was so touching. It's such a shame that someone so young, annointed, & BEAUTIFUL could die so young. It's devastating. I love you Selena, always will. Hope to see you some time in the future. <3

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