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Reyna | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/08

when I saw on tv the bad news about u I almost passed out! I couldn't beileve what was happening, I was just 12 yrs old & in dominican republic where I'm from( ur music went all over the world) n I had 2 of ur cds I knew evry song, I used 2 dance like u, put my moms clothes on n watch u on tv trying 2 do everything like u. it was painfull @ my age, loose u when I started 2 know about u n wishing 2 b like u. it was the first time that I felt pain because somebody close to my heart died I didn't know what did it feel like until it happened 2 u. I will always remember u n will sing ur songs untill the day we met in heaven.
there isn't & will never b someone like u... miss u.

selena | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

im doing a history report and i have got to say the reason im doing u is cause you have inspriied so many and u are truely the best singer i will ever know and im only about 14
my mother watches the movie all the time and it never fails that she cries
u will live on forever in my heart and in the hearts of ur many many fans
R.I.P selena

best singer in the world | Reviewer: Rosa | 11/26/08

selena you were the greatest singers in the world and still are .when you died i was only a month old. i love all your songs. each time i heard one of them i remember of you. i have one of your CD and i love it i am so happy that i bought. because who knew you were going to die .
i love you.

i remember you alot selena& los Dionos | Reviewer: Helen Reyes | 11/21/08

i have only few things to say and i hope dat some day well see her & its going to be a blessing
i am only 18 years old and am always doing my Language Art projects or biographys on Selena because she inspires me alot.
i want to say dat i also keep the Quintanilla fam in my corazon.
take care
in loving memory of Selena Perez Quintanilla

To selena mom and dad | Reviewer: seble | 11/20/08

I have a 3 year old daughter and I just can't imajine the pain and suffering you had to go through for over a decade she is in my mind
and I think of her like one of my own I saw the movie 100 times and everytime I see is I cry

we miss u | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

although u r not here with us we will always remember u by ur songs and i got to say that u are one of my favorite singers in fact i know all of your songs by heart and i wish i could sing like u but everybody has there own perosality and u will always be in our hearts !!!!!

lv u 4 ever*

WE MISS U!!!!!! | Reviewer: Emilee | 11/1/08

ive been a fan for a year i always wanted to be like u wen i was a little girl ive been watchin the selena movie since i was three and me my dad my mexican family will never forget u and miss and love u!!!!!!!!!! RIP SELENA QUINTNILLA PEREZ!!!!!!

WE MISS U SELENA!!!!!! | Reviewer: Shanaya | 10/25/08

Selena you will always be in our hearts!!! your song's ment so much 2 every1 who listen 2 them. You conquered so many hearts...with all the songs u sang....the memorie within are hearts... of u will NEVER DIE!i Dont think one day has gone by that not one of ur fans have not wish u were bac with us we all LOVE u and MISS u so much.
        xxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx
      xxx     xxx xxx     xxx 
     xxx        xxx        xxx
      xxx                 xxx
       xxx    We Love    xxx
         xxx     U      xxx
          xxx  Selena  xxx
           xxx        xxx
             xxx     xxx
              xxx   xxx   

Selena we will never forget you! | Reviewer: Debbie | 10/19/08

Iam watching the movie of your life again tonight after so many years, and it really touched my heart again. No matter where you are, I want you to know that we will never forget you, because we growed up with your music and we really miss you!
Your will be in our hearts forever, and I hope one day we can meet someone so talented as you were, because our kids need an inspiration to conquer the world, and only someone like you would do something like that in their lives.
Again no matter where you are, we will never forget you! You will always be with US!

I miss Selena | Reviewer: Siuri | 10/19/08

Even though she died when i was around 3 i can remember hearing her music and when i saw the Movie thats when i really dawned on me that she was coming back.An til this very day i will always miss her.
"Wonder if you ever seen me and i wonder if you even care.If you looked in my eyes and see whats inside would you even care.So i wait for the day and the courage to how much i love you.(yes i do)"

amazing. | Reviewer: janell | 10/27/08

i'm doing a spanish report on you. you were amazing just imagine if you were still alive the world would be soo different. ther would be little selenas running around. they would be beautiful just like you. your legacy will always go on. we ALL miss you rest in peace mama. <33

selena we miss u!!! | Reviewer: crystal | 10/13/08

Selena you were the best singer. And you still are!!!!! I was only 21 days old when you died.. We miss you Selena!! And I wishe that Yolanda girl dies right now... There was no reason for her to kill you!! We miss you Selena! With all my heart... xoxoxo

selenas bigest fan | Reviewer: solana felix | 10/5/08

selena u are my most famous singer in the in the hole world we wont ever forget about u selena and if i could see u in real life i would give u a hug and say "u are the best singer that ever lived" and that i would name my kid after u u died the 31st of march 31 days after my brith when i found out about that i was sad cuz i was alonly a baby if i could i would ask god to bring u back to us and the greatest latian singer we all miss u selena and u will never be forgotten i love u selena

Selena you were my role Model | Reviewer: Maria Jimenez | 10/5/08

Selena even though I was very little when you passed away, as soon as I heard your music I got in love with it. Its something that when I hear it I start singing it.

P.S. Selena I miss you wit all my heart

my inspirer selena | Reviewer: anika | 10/1/08

selena you are truely my hero even though i wasn't alive when you dies the first time i heard you sing i was insprired by you and when i saw your movie i loved it you are such a great person and risk taking and i love you you have a beautiful voice a pretty face and that is what inspired me to sing i write my own song not as good as yours though i wroten 10 songs in spanish even thogh i want to me and stay me i want to be like you some day even though they tried to bring you down you went up higher adios sra.

your biggest latina fan anika

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