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We love you. | Reviewer: Chas | 6/11/12

Just wanted to let you know that we love you Selena! You have many fans here in St. Louis, MO!

When my time comes, I hope that we can dance together in the ballroom in Heaven!

lives in our hearts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/12

R.I.P.we will always love you but i never got to see you in person because i wasn't even born yet yolanda only killed selena because she was dumm and stupid i hpe she never gets out of jail for her mistake my sister looks just like selena and like j.lo

selena el dinos is my role modle | Reviewer: cheyanne stepp | 5/30/12

hi selena my name is cheyanne i am a big fan of you i lisen to your songs all the time i wish you where still alive my mom is a big fan of you too i was not born when you died in 1995 i am 12 going on 13 july 23 my mom is 28 going on 29 we both hope your happy where you are i hope when i die i wish i will get the chants to see you in preson ,love your biggest fan cheyanne stepp R.I.P SELENA we love you always :]

MIssing Her | Reviewer: Abel915 | 5/1/12

As growing up in El Paso TX i was inspired the fact the family Quintanilla dedicated there time for there kids know that they struggled to get to where they wanted with the Band they successfully made it big but the fact that they were in my hometown the insperation of Ab and Selna and all the group even though i was like 6years old i got to see her on tv and her loss is missed her in El Paso TX and will also remember Her Elpaso TX Fabens (915)

Wow im doinq my paper on you riqht now <3 | Reviewer: Kassi | 4/20/12

I hsve seen your movie a billion times , You are in inspiration I wanna be a sinqer juss like you . Sometimes I give up on that dream cause I live in midland but when I listen to your sonqs it makes me wanna keep tryinq . iloveyou and i hope your doinq qood in heaven rest in peace and tell my best friend Joshua I said hi and that I love him so much <3 (:

Miss Selena | Reviewer: Tasha collins | 4/14/12

Hi my name is Tasha Selena was a good singer and a nice pertty young lady her movie was very good but sad because of what happen to her I am only 16 will be Turing 17 July 30 all of her fans are missing her but selena is stil with her family and her husband no matter what RIP SELENA

about selena | Reviewer: canesa | 4/12/12

selena was a great singer and every time i see her movie i would feel so sad yolanda is sooooooo wrong for wat she do they should gone and head and give her one day til execution what she deserves if only she would be a hater stealer and liar maybe she would be likde but she should suffer really really bad for whAT SHE HAS DONE ....! RIP SELENA WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU !

selena! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/12

you are an inspiration to us all and i love you very much. im currently sitting next to mandi and allie and i am doing a spanish paper on you<3 love you sel<3 see you in heaven love<3

What if Selena could have been saved! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/12

If it was possible, I would time travel back to that fatefull day when the most beautiful talented singer in history was silenced. If it only was possible, I would protect Selena I would have taken that bullit to save her life!Or even kill Yolanda before she could even think of doing it, The problem is that I would be creating a time paradox by me saving her life I would be the only one who new what would have happened,I would have murdered her best friend, in a sense I would be tradeing places with Yolanda I would become the Killer, Selena would spend a fortune to catch the killer of "Her Friend" not even knowing what she (Yolanda)really had in mind for her.This is a very difficult thing to write about because we all know what happened,But what if, Please tell me what you think, if this really was possible?

A lot of coincidences you be the judge | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/12

I have a 1971 chevy van which I bought brand new on the door plate is the manufactures date it was produced the same day as Selena was born. I still have it and it runs great.My best friends last name is Perez, My sons name is Chris and he plays lead guitar and vocals in his band.On the day Selena died she was just 23 years old I am 23 years older than Selena.In the movie Selena is talking with her mother about the cross over she tells her now "Gringos"Im a gringo, she worries will they Love Me, I Love You Selena.I was at Disney Land in Anaheim California I was waiting in line to ride the captain hook ship ride while in line a young hispanic girl came up to me and asked if I new where the bath rooms are at? I told her where are your parents,She grabbed my hand and said PLEASE Help Me I walked over to where they were located and told her here is the ladies bathroom she ran inside I called are you lost,wheres your parents!Just then there was a large crash and people started screaming and running as the captain hook ride was pulling away from the dock the disney crew member did not untie the dock line the rope broke the line cleat and it snapped like a whip hurling the cleat into the crowd many people were injured and one ladie later died from her injuries she was standing just behind me in line.I thought how lucky I was to avoid being hurt or killed,But what about the little girl who pulled me out of line to help her I never saw her again it wasnt untill I was on line looking at Selenas life as a young child that I noticed that the little girl I helped looked just like Selena as a young girl.Im not saying that it was Selenas Spirit helping me BUT I hope it was. Thank You Selena,Via con Dios. Robert.

your the best | Reviewer: stayce torres | 3/22/12

hi, selena i dont know you by face but what i know is that i would of liked to had met you becuase ur the best and i love ur sonqs when i saw the movie when yolanda killed you i was mad she was just a hater i was cryinq when u died i wasnt born but when i qot to the 3rd qrade i started to learn about you thats when i said to mi teacher i wanna meet but mi teacher said to me "she past away" i was sad but i qot inspired so i started to learn more about you and so know thats why i say that i would of like to meet you!.....UR THE BEST SELENA & YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ILY!!

i will always miss selena | Reviewer: jay | 3/17/12

i like her song dreaming of u i never got the chance to see u but thank to the internet i could watch u sing Yalonda is so stupid for doing something like that she ruined Ur life Selena i am so glad she was put to jail for life .god bless Selena RIP

MISSING YOU | Reviewer: Hannah Owen | 3/8/12

my name is hannah and im from the uk but my mother side is from spain i grew up with selena in the house hold .. when she died it was like a brick slamming u in the face i cryed my eyes out . i think she is an enspiration to people and was and still is a great role modle.. rest in poeace x

R.I.P selena | Reviewer: Mireya Mendoza | 3/1/12

selena hi,
my name is mireya,i am a big fan,my family went to see you in concerts i wasnt born yet,but i did love u and ur music after, i learned to dance like you, i am good at dancing thanks to your moves. everytime i dance i do your spins thats the favorite most of all. t your music i dance your moves. love you and may you R.I.P selena we love you,dead but never forgotten

R.I.P. selena quintana | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/29/12

Hi selena when i was little i had a picture of you on my shirt i still have that shirt now. i had that shirt since i was 8yrs old and i am 16yrs old now and i still have it thats a big memory to keep of you. i think they should keep yolanda in jail for the rest of her life for taking your life away I HATE HER so much not just because she killed but for other reasons to and am going to keep those comments to myself. I love you selena R.I.P hope your happy where your at.CURSE YOU YOLANDA HATE YOU

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