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good hearted singer | Reviewer: Ciara M. | 6/10/11

I was 4 years old at the time of Selena's Death but I Never Knew it... when i saw the movie biography, it made me realize how much Selena cared so much for her fans and family, It's a good thing Yolanda is in prison for life or she might kill somebody else in Selena's Family... but i am really down about selena being gone, she was too young to pass away, i love her music even though i don't speak spanish but her music inspires all to remember Selena the way she was, a very talented singer... her spirit isn't gone but it's all around us. the song "I Could Fall in Love", is my song i listen to in honor of Selena's memory. Selena We Will Never Forget You. Thank you for being a good hearted singer. R.I.P Selena Quintanilla-Perez (April 16, 1971- March 31, 1995)

My Beautiful Talented Cousin | Reviewer: SARAH QUINTANILLA | 6/7/11

I remember when selena moved in with uncle hecter and us she always was pollite and helpful when i got hurt. When they moved i missed them and when my cousin died i told every family member and i remembered selena will always be with all of us! selena we will meet you in heaven!

love u selena never knew u but I miss u ! <3 | Reviewer: Selena Perez 2 | 5/30/11

I never existed when you died but I have learned about you and how you in spired people with your music. You are beautiful! I luv you, you are my inspiration! I would of never thought someone could kill a person like you. R.I.P u will always be with us. and live on with all of us! <3

E-e loveable
N-near future

R.I.P Selena we love you and will never forget you | Reviewer: Kiki | 5/28/11

i miss selena and i thought Yolanda did the most stupidest thing selena was a very beautiful women she was gonna get married and possibly get kids she would have a better life but know that she ruined it theres no chance for her she was a really good singer she had talent people belived in her like i did we will never never forget you we love you and miss you and rest in peace you will never be forgotten selena NEVER
R.I.P Selena ♥ U

I miss you and loved your music! | Reviewer: Marianeli | 5/27/11

Well I was born 4 years after Selena died,but grew up listening to her music and it was awesome. I also watched the movie on t.v. It was sad she died. R.I.P Selena we will never forget you. I love and really miss you Selena. You will always be in my heart and be my #1 singer ever!

we miss you! :( | Reviewer: jennifer s | 5/20/11

selena i love you! you are my modle and you are a big lost to me and my whole family! you will always be in my heart! i wish i was older and could of gone to at lest one of your concert! and ment you! and you are a big part of my life! R.I.P selena! all my love goes to you! <3

we miss you selena we are sad because you left=( | Reviewer: saira cardenas | 5/19/11

went i was little my sister put your movies and i cry the whole time the where seeng the movies and i miss you i was born in 02/13/98 three years went you died i miss you and and my sister love you so i went to google and i see how did you died am so sad=( in 1995

we all miss you selena perez!!! | Reviewer: dominique | 5/6/11

selena is the best!!! and im only 10 i never thought she was a beutiful lady until i did did a report on her so i printed out a bioghy on her and i always CRY TO ALL HER SONGS!!!.I'm probly to small to be a big fan of her but im shocked to see a beutiful girl like her pass away.R.I.P selena we still thank about you,and love you!.Why'll im siting here thinking of her there's athor people but she's my hero and wish she was here cause i would of got here odergrafe but that would of been along time ago! but i wasnt born i was born in 2000 so R.I.P.! and still today shes a HIT TO ME.We love you SELENA PEREZ.R.I.P. WE LOVE YOU SELENA AND ALWAYS WILL!!!

she was so amazingg!!!! | Reviewer: kaylon williams | 4/28/11

Selena Perez was a beautiful and talented singer who i wish i had the chance to really know. she was the perfect romodel for girls everywhere. she taught me to go for my dreams whatever they may be.She has changed my life and others through her music and positive life style.may selena rest in peace>

Selena Is Missed! | Reviewer: Christina | 4/19/11

I know that if she didnt agree to go up to that room she would still be aluive today and we all could meet her! I love Selena to dealth! Even though i dont kno her! i wish i did! I Wish Tht Yolanda Would of never shot you! you belong here on Earth with us!

never knew you, but i miss you! | Reviewer: Margarita Conde | 4/19/11

I was bearly a year when selena died, so i really never got idle her. But i grew up listing to her music. Its hard to believe that some one with so much talient had a death like that. Know in her music deos she not only does she sends her measseages, but she send the memories everyone had when she was alive. And because of that i know have a bream to be a star like selena was (and still is). I love you selena.

Missing Selena | Reviewer: Andre Davis | 4/15/11

For the past hour i have been just listening to Selena music because of her words. It have made me realized that life is to short. Every body that have a dream go for it don't give up so easy.(Dreaming of you) have just been on repeat and its starting to make me cry. But Selena words have inspire me that everyone is a somebody.

we love you!!!! | Reviewer: stephanie | 4/10/11

just passing by to say i love you and wish i could of have met you but i was 1 yrs old when you were taken from us but if you were still alive and i was at a concert of yours i would go crazy id be like ooomgosh selena and get on stage and hug you so tight and say i love you lol hey her b-day is coming april 16

In Our Memories forever | Reviewer: Megan | 4/13/11

Selena will always be missed. Her music touched lifes and her smile touched millions of hearts. I gave birth to my daughter on April 16 and nicknamed her Selly and she has seen the movie many times and always tells people that she was nicknamed after Selena and that she was born on the same day....... I believe that Selena will always show and be alive through others and that my daughter alone brings her to life........

we love you selena* | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/2/11

where to start...unfortunately i was born a few months after selena died i grew up listening to her music and watching her movie. its amazing how yolanda could just kill her like that...once i heard the only thing that went through my mind was why? selena was soo talented n beautiful she will remain in all her fans hearts forever! i love and miss you. R.I.P selena you'll never be forgotton

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